Your Amazon Storefront – Advice for Creating a Store That Sells

You may be wondering why I’m holding these boxes. This is a video all about creating an Amazon storefront, so I thought this would be a good idea. Is it if you have products to sell?

Amazon is a great place to sell them, according to Amazon’s own statistics, on average, small to mid-sized businesses sell over 4000 items every minute on the platform. That’s over five point seven million items in a day. If you don’t currently have an Amazon store for and I hope that number is large enough to make you consider one. If you aren’t sure what I mean by Amazon store front, it’s basically a mini website with an Amazon that features a company’s products, photos, logos and other information they deem important enough to include. So if you search for really any major brand like Reebok or Sony, you can make your way to their store and peruse their selection of products. And this feature isn’t just for large corporations.

However, any business can create a storefront if they use Amazon. Why would most definitely encourage you to have your own website. And Amazon storefront is a great idea if you’re new to selling online or if you want an additional channel to supplement your existing sales. Now, setting up your storefront isn’t too difficult. This might seem obvious, but I’m going to put it out there. You need an Amazon seller account to have a store. Once you get that set up, you’ll want to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program to help keep the knockoff products at bay.

Wait a second. This isn’t a Gucci bag. It could take anywhere from a day to a month for Amazon to approve your application. So be patient. After you’ve enrolled, you can create a store in your Amazon account. When designing your store, you’ll choose your layout, upload your logo, add your products, and even create additional pages to showcase all of your offerings. Did I mention that the storefront is free? Just to clarify, while the storefront is free, the seller account is not. But anyway, I want to leave you with a few tips for creating a great storefront on Amazon. First, properly signs or images, using a photo or graphic that’s too big, for example, can lead to important elements being cut off. Every store has a hero image, which is the big header image at the top of your store’s main page. Amazon will cut off the edges of your image of a screen is too small, and if you put any texture designs in the way, your store might not look as pretty as you like. In addition, you’ll want to pay attention to the maximum file size so you can actually upload your content. My second tip is to use Eye-Catching images and videos. This applies only to your store, but also to your products. Since people aren’t shopping online, they can’t pick up your product and look at all of the details. Your photos need to help people feel like they’re in a store, show your product in its natural setting, capture all angles, make sure the photos are high quality, enough so that people can actually see the details and maybe most importantly, keep your photos aligned with your brand. If you typically use photos featuring bright pink, soft, white and dazzling golds, an image with a lot of black, gray and purple will seem jarring to people. Know your brand. Third, remember to optimize your products for Amazon search results. Having an Amazon storefront doesn’t mean you can forget about all of the other Amazon best practices. Amazon CEO can help people find your products and the search results and take time to research keywords and use them where they make sense in your product listings and make an effort to encourage reviews. The time spent on Amazon Echo will be worth it when people can easily find and purchase your products.

If you need help launching and managing your Amazon store front, don’t hesitate to reach out to Amazon pros at web effects. We’ve driven over two billion in revenue for our clients so we know what it takes to grow your business before you go.

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