Will UX Ever Become Obsolete

Jacob Nielsen’s keynote speech in Las Vegas, an attendee asked whether you would ever grow to a point where it’s become so prevalent that we don’t need you people anymore.

Well, I mean, I think that the I mean, research at this time of the two sides of that coin of creating a good user experience, I think we need both. And I think I don’t think we can do away with the research because that would presume that we would have all the answers. All right. And we just need to like, well, just to sign something and you don’t need to figure out what should be designed. But we do need to figure that out because we will always want to do something else. I mean, even even if you just look at something like Web design and web design, it’s been around now for a long time and we really kind of do know a lot of criteria for what makes a good Web site. And yet when it comes to making a website for a specific company or for a specific purpose, we still can’t just say, well, just go and copy, let’s say Amazon. In fact, if you copy Amazon, you will have a bad website because you are not Amazon. You have a different set of circumstances. So therefore, you always need to figure out, though, who are your customers, what are they trying to do? And those are going to be different things. So therefore, we will continue to need research. We will continue to need to sign and the two will have to work together. And that’s the way you create good products, because we are trying to solve new needs. I mean, there’s certainly some needs that you might say they are they are known and we don’t need a lot of research to those needs. But they are like the less interesting parts of it, the less value added part of it. And even they will need like some amount of design. But I think all of the new things, which is the majority probably of the interesting work, definitely require UX research, require you to sign. They require the full package.

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