Will People Be More Tech Savvy in 10 Years

Who will be the losers in 10 years? That’s easy, because they’ll basically be the same people as who are the losers now, the exact same individuals, of course, sadly, a few people will have dropped off and obviously there will be some new people entering the use of pool as well. But for complete replacement will have to wait like 70 or 80 years. So in 10 years, the users will be essentially the same people as other users today.

Unfortunately, that also means that users technical skills and sophistication in 10 years will be about the same as it is today, because most people, their skill level kind of asymptote pretty quickly and in a rather low level, it doesn’t go up from there. Most people don’t learn a lot about computers from one year to the next. Most people don’t care about computers. They don’t want to sit and study computers and learn about new features and tricks and all that. In contrast to those of us who are in the field. Maybe we like to study computers, but most people don’t. And so therefore they also don’t learn more. Therefore they don’t get any better. And so if we think 10 years ahead, I know many designers would like to think that, you know, surely in the future people will be able to do all these more sophisticated, advanced things.

They will appreciate these fancy designs that we’d like to make. But no, no way. In 10 years, people will still have pretty limited skills. They will not be computer savvy for the most case. And you’ll have to still design things that are easy to use, simple avoid complexity. That’s the way the UK’s field is today, and that’s how it’s going to be in 10 years as well.

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