Speaker 1: Holy smokes, guys, my name is Jeremy from Financial Education. And in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about me. OK, so first of all, sorry for that terrible American, Jeremy Exane. I do apologize. It’s not my best work and it’s not my forte either. But in today’s video, I wanted to talk about the man himself, Jeremy, from Financial Education. And this guy is a polarizing figure.

You’re not who he is. He’s the guy with spikes in his hair. And he’s very enthusiastic. He’s very opinionated. His videos are very entertaining. But, you know, you have a group of people who don’t really like him and then you just have a group of people who love him. I wanted to talk about the top three reasons why I personally like Jeremy from financial education. But first, let’s just start with promoting myself, because why not subscribe to Kirby Academy if you want to learn more about investing in personal finance and entrepreneurship. We talk about US stocks. We talk about investing in the US and other countries around the world, but mainly US stocks. So if you want subscribe to Cooper Academy anyway, let’s just get straight to the three reasons why I like Jeremy from financial education. OK, first, Jeremy is entertaining and easy to watch. As I’ve said, he’s an opinionated guy and he’s actually quite funny. So you see this in his videos. They’re easy flowing. And I’ve got to say, compared to other YouTube is I quite like Jeremy’s videos just because they’re funny and he’s got his opinions and he makes stocks fairly interesting. So that is a big reason why I like Jeremy. His videos are so easy to watch and compared to some other YouTube is now other YouTube is may mainly focus on education and the quality of information. Nothing wrong with that. I think that’s a good idea. But Jeremy is like the opposite end of the spectrum. He’s sort of more focused towards entertainment compared effects and stats. So Hatam, if you will, but you got to say this as video is quite funny, fairly easy to watch. And I personally enjoy Jeremy’s videos. Second, he brings people into the investing world, people who might not normally be interested in investing. I like to watch Jeremy’s videos so he gets like 10000 views per video. And a lot of these people and all the general sort of nerdy stock market people not high on the newly stock market people, but sort of some of the people that he brings in. I just general ordinary people that like to watch his videos. And I think this is a very important thing in society to bring people who aren’t normally interested in investing and money and get them interested in it, because what else are they going to do with their money? They’re going to spend on some useless stuff at Amazon or get into 10k worth of debt to buy some cool car to look cool in front of their friends. So Jeremy is getting them interested in investing. So instead of spending their money on Amazon products or whatever, they can start investing.

They’re getting the money working for them, which I think is so important. So it’s a big reason why I like Jeremy’s channel. He’s bringing a new people and this is a very important thing to do. And society where 96 per cent of people don’t care about investing, they just care about the clothes that they’re going to buy on a Friday so that they can go out and wear them on a Saturday night. Jeremy brings these people into the investing world, which I think is a very big positive towards society.

And the third and final reason why I like Jeremy from financial education is that he thinks outside the box, OK, he’s not just a sheep and following other people and what they do, he’s got his own opinions and he sticks to them. And I think this is a very important commodity to have in today’s society, not just following what the crowd are going, not just following the people on CNBC saying not that that’s bad or anything, but to have your own viewpoint is very important. And I think that’s a big reason why so many people are watching Jeremy’s videos because he’s an individual and we like it. And yeah, there’s other things that I like about Jeremy, but those are my top three. So flick this video. I like if you personally like Jeremy and flick at a dislike if you do not like him. I’m very interested to see what the crowd has to say. And I just wanted to say, well, my viewers have to say on Jeremy as well, overall, I personally like him. I do think he’s got some flaws and his content. Maybe he doesn’t focus on the facts and stats as much as he should, but he produces videos daily and it can be harder to focus towards these things. If you put out a video every day, shouldn’t be an excuse, but I’m going to use it as one for anyway and I will continue to call him out of his facts. And stats are wrong, which I have called them out in the past about Starbucks stock and has video on that. And I think that’s important to do.

So just because you’re a fan of someone’s channel, you don’t just go with what everything they say. You look at the video and then you make your own viewpoint on it. Thanks. For watching guys and make sure you have a great day.

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