Why Customers Unfollow You on Social Media

Losing social media followers is a big problem for business account when people don’t follow you. That means they don’t want to receive your information anymore.

Here is a list of key factors that may result in unfollowing based on interviews with our participants.

The number one reason that people say that would cause them to unfollow was posting too frequently. A participant said, I am following this. At first I thought your tweets and responses were very funny, but then they got annoying and I saw too many of the tweets on my page, so I don’t follow them. The second reason users tend to follow is when the posts are irrelevant to user needs or fail to meet user expectations. For example, a participant said he had gone back and forth following and following the New York Times because of posts related to pop culture. He didn’t expect a want pop culture posts from that new source, another participant that she all followed, Southwest Airlines because they don’t have enough posts about their sells and discounts, stirred people by all accounts, because they received too much similar information. A participant mentioned that he followed CNN and a lot of news outlets because it got to be too much of the same repetitive stuff.

Fourth, sometimes people can get annoyed that even I’ll follow you if you don’t make it easy for them to get their desired information immediately. One participant mentioned that he would unfollow companies if they didn’t do a good job linking directly to the new products or self mentioning the posts. Last but not least, unfollowing business account can be revenge for bad products or services that people have experienced offline. A study participant unfollowed Popeye’s Restaurant on Twitter because he had experienced terrible service when dining there. This underscores the fact that people view brands in an omnichannel context. If your product or service is bad, it doesn’t matter how good your social media game is. So what can organizations do to prevent undesired unfollowing behavior? First, research what your users want on social media and how frequently they expect to hear from you.

Second, offer unique content from your competitors and meet with user needs.

Third, ensure easy conversion and let them reach what they want right away if you are redirecting them to your site.

Fourth, work collaboratively with other team to pursue a better omni channel experience, established professional and constructive protocols when people complain about your products or services on social media channels.

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