What is a Conversion Rate, and What does it Mean

One of the most important analytics metrics is conversion rate, a conversion is any action that you want your users to take usually something significant, such as making a purchase or completing an important task successfully.

The conversion rate measures how well the Web site or application gets people to complete these actions. Like any metric, conversion rate is more meaningful when you have some frame of reference to compare it to. So a good approach is to decide which conversions you want to track and measure them. Over time. The conversion rate goes up, you know, the design is becoming more successful. But an important limitation to keep in mind about conversion rates is that the details of exactly how a website or application is designed are not the only factors that influence conversion rate.

For example, if you’re selling products and the price goes down due to a sale, the conversion rate will go up, even though your user interface hasn’t changed. So when comparing conversion rates to measure design success, make sure to take into account any external factors such as pricing changes, seasonal effects or advertising campaigns that might be influencing your data.

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