Usefulness, Utility, Usability Goals of UX Design

In user experience, to sign one of our main goals is high usefulness of the system because we want people to use it, if it’s a website, one up to come back again and again, be loyal users, keep using it if it’s something for sale, we first of all, want people to buy it, but then to keep using it after they’ve bought it, they’ll recommend it to others. But usefulness requires us to optimize two quality parameters in the design.

Usefulness equals utility plus usability. So we need both of those two utility is the question of what does the system do? So does it have the features? Does it solve a real user need? Does it do something people want to do? And that’s essential because you can have the most wonderful, beautiful user interface design. If it’s an interface to the wrong features, why would people use it if it doesn’t do what they want? So the features have to be right. Utility has to be high. But at the same time, usability also has to be high because usability is a question of can people learn the interface? Can they understand it? Can they operate it efficiently? And on this usability is high, then the features might as well not exist. Because if you can’t understand, if you can’t learn how to use a feature, well, it’s for all practical purposes, it’s not actually there because you can’t you’re not going to be able to use it. So we need usability for those great features to actually shine and come through. So to have high usefulness, we need both of those two.

We need both high utility great features and high usability, easy to learn, easy to use. And unfortunately, if we fail on either one of the two criteria, the entire product will also be a failure. So we’ve got to do both. And luckily we do have user research methods that we can study both of these two things. But you’ve got to actually do both. And if you do both, if you achieve high utility and high usability, you will have high usefulness of your design and people will use it and you will have success.

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