Understanding Mobile Apps

An effective mobile marketing approach includes more than just optimizing your website to work well on mobile devices, more and more businesses are also investing in mobile apps to engage with customers on the go. But what could a mobile apps serve and how do you know if creating one can benefit your business?

We will discuss what makes the mobile apps different from mobile websites, the benefits of mobile apps, and how to determine whether a mobile app is right for you. Your mobile website is pretty much a simpler version of your main site, mobile friendly sites offer most of the same things as your main site. But they are just built to work well on smaller screens. Visitors access your mobile site on a mobile Web browser, just as they do to a full size computer browser. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are applications that can be downloaded and installed onto a mobile. The apps typically provide a specific function that is not easily accomplished on a Web browser. They are often integrated with common smartphone features like the camera or GPS.

There are so many ways that your apps can directly benefit your business. Let us look at some examples. Imagine you own an independent cinema and you have decided to create an app to help drive ticket sales. One of the main benefits of apps is that you can send messages to people’s mobiles even when they’re not using the app. These are called push notifications. You could use them to send your customers some reminders when the latest films are released or announced a special discounted show. Your app could also empower a new loyalty program, your customers could use the app to earn points for every film they see at your cinema and for popcorn purchased at the counter. Simplified checkout on your app could allow customers to purchase film tickets in just a few clicks, and then your app could use their mobiles, GPS to share directions to the cinema.

With so many possibilities for your business, you may decide to develop your own app. So how do you start? Well, it helps to think about your business goals and what you would like your visitors to accomplish on a mobile. Perhaps you can achieve all these things in your mobile website, but you might identify a specific business goal that would be better if served by an app. This might be your next step towards online success.

To sum it up, a mobile app can compliment your mobile website helping your customers to achieve specific and useful goals. An app for your business can help increase customer loyalty. You can actively communicate with customers and help them make purchases easier on their mobile devices.

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