Tips to Convert Blog Traffic into Email Subscribers

How to convert visitors into subscribers, regardless of the blog growth strategy that you choose to pursue viral traffic or traffic or a mixture of both, you need to retain people who land on your website. You need to grow your audience. I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times. You have to grow your email list. The money is in the least. Start growing your email list yesterday.

Every professional marketer will tell you that you should be growing your email list. Just think about it. If you won’t convert a first time visitor of your blog into an email subscriber, the chances are you will never see them again. This means you won’t be able to show them the next article that you published. You won’t be able to pitch them the next product you released. And as a result, this person won’t spread the word about your new content and new products to their friends. In other words, your audience is one of your biggest assets, so the sooner you start building it, the better. There are a lot of tactics and strategies that can help you grow your audience. There are some technical tricks like pop up slide ins, welcome mats, hello bath Condit upgrades, lead magnets, etc.. And there are some psychological tricks like attractive character, social proof, personal stories, building rapport, etc.. I’m afraid I’m not going to teach you how to build your audience in this very course because it will make it twice longer. But I have recorded a very insightful interview with someone who is exceptionally good at converting visitors into email subscribers and growing a loyal audience. So make sure to check out the bonus materials. You’re going to enjoy it, I promise. And that’s it for the lesson number two. That was the big picture of growing a blog that I feel it is important to understand before you learn the actual tactics and strategies. Making your spark of hope bigger should not be your primary objective, beating the flatland of no should. And the best way to achieve that is by making your content rank well in Google so that it would bring you consistent, targeted traffic every single month. So that’s it. The basic stuff is now over. Starting from the next lesson, I am going to show you a lot of very specific and actionable strategies that will teach you how to get traffic from Google.

We are going to kick off lesson number three with an upgrade of your keyword research skills. But don’t worry, I’m not going to teach you the same keyword research tactics that everyone else teaches. I have quite a few very unique insights to share with you, which are based on my experience training writers for our own blog. Sounds good. Then I’ll see you in lesson number three.

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