The Evolution Of Mobile Devices

Let’s talk about how mobile usage has changed in the past four decades, the features now available on mobile devices and how the rapid growth of mobile is changing, how you can market your business online.

Mobile Device Marketing

Did you know that the first ever mobile phone call happened way back in 1973? It took another 11 years before the world’s first truly portable commercial mobile phone went on sale in 1984, a Motorola that costs a whopping two thousand five hundred pounds. Since then, mobile phones have evolved dramatically, shrinking in size whilst expanding in features. Now they’re an essential part of our everyday lives, no longer just a way to make phone calls. Mobiles have become powerful multimedia devices. We can now browse the Internet, check email, take pictures, navigate with GPS post on social media and much, much more mobiles have changed so much in the last few decades. It seems that anything in the future is possible. Mobiles and tablets are so useful and convenient that it’s no surprise they’re starting to take up more and more of our time. This year, adults in the UK will spend an average of two hours and 26 minutes a day on their mobile devices. That means for the first time ever, we’re now using these devices even more than our computers and laptops. Today’s mobile users tend to have their phones in one hand while they watch TV, and they’re more active than ever on social media. But what does this mean for your business? Well, your marketing needs to reach customers where they are, and these days that means on mobile. So whether you want to increase brand awareness, encourage customer loyalty or grow your revenues. Mobile devices can offer businesses numerous opportunities to reach the right customers in the right place and at the right time, the place to start a website that works well on mobiles.

How To Use Mobile For Business

Let’s just imagine for a second that you’re a local plumber who wants to increase your customer base. How might you use mobile to get new customers? Well, you might run an ad in a local newspaper that directs viewers to your website. Your mobile optimized site could have a promo button on the home page that offers customers 20 percent of their first service.

Using Mobile Growth Strategies

The phone number near the top of the page, when viewed on mobile, can be clicked to start a phone call. Links can be shortened so they can easily be shared on social media and that’s just a few examples of the many, many ways your business can use mobile to grow.

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