Successful Omnichannel Experiences Begin with Cross-Functional Teams

Customers are interacting with organizations across up to 10 different channels email, web, social media, iPhone applications, tablet applications, smartwatch application kiosks, and that list continues to grow. So for organizations to position themselves in a place to be able to deliver on these high quality customer journeys, it really takes some changes behind the scenes.

And the changes that this is going to take really requires buy in and investment from organizational leadership, structuring teams around customer journeys. So making really cross-functional working groups, including marketing folks. So everybody on the team can be aware of what messages are going out to our customers and how can we make sure that the transition from that marketing material to our digital experience is seamless and the expectations are set appropriately, including stakeholders from every digital channel so that they know how to implement a solution consistently or a solution that has the same visual story across mobile tablet watch web also bringing technology stakeholders into the mix so that they can really be aware of what type of experience that the project is trying to create and so they can make the right technological decisions and invest in the right third party products to really support those kinds of experience from an infrastructure infrastructure perspective. So you can see how putting all of these roles in place is going to put yourself in a position to create really seamless, holistic journeys for customers. And this way of working really kind of represents a change in strategy for a lot of organizations right now. It requires start taking the steps to shift, focus away from channel experiences and start focusing on customer journeys. So that starts with doing research, figuring out how your customers are moving from one channel to the next and maybe what those failures are and what those pain points are, and then building cross-functional working teams to really address those pain points and focus on the infrastructure that supports that journey from the inside out.

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