Social Features in Chinese Apps

Social features like online communities and experience during a very popular in Chinese steps, what have these features like and how do they benefit the apps? Let’s start with the example of the Net E music app. It has become one of the most active, loyal and high quality music communities in China. Why? Because the app added a social feature where users can comment and share their feelings. While listening to your song.

People share their personal experiences like childhood memories and love stories in the comments. Checking the most like comments on the song became a common behavior while listening. This behavior became so popular that other Chinese music apps have now added similar social features because the users mental models of music apps have changed in Chinese e-commerce apps. Creating a community that shares people’s experiences using a product can help establish trust in the authenticity of the products. For example, Chinese social that is the Little Red Book app features comprehensibly product reviews and the convenience of purchasing the items being discussed. If a user decided to buy a lipstick, she could browse the reviews, compare different brands and a single post that has contributed by a community member and even by the lipstick by Tatiana Tech in the picture. If you are feeling inspired by some of this popular social features from Chinese apps, consider these tips.

First, identify social needs during your user journey. Mapping humans are social animals. Think about when users might want to communicate with others who are interacting with your products. The Net is music I mentioned before found the user need to share feelings while listening to music. Second, explore ways to fulfill those social needs. For example, for e-commerce, encourage users to participate and share your experiences by building sharing features and providing product discovery forums. Last but not least, foster a community of users and develop the loyalty and sense of belonging when users actively contribute to your community, feel I have a better sense of control and are more likely to become law users.

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