Should You Buy Tesla Stock?

Speaker 1: Aloma, seven thousand cars one week. That just deserves a round of applause, I think, and any time he opens his mouth, people just run towards them just to say what he says. And it just creates so much hype for the stock. But one of the funniest reactions that I saw was the CEO of Ford. I think his name like Stephen Armstrong, and he said seven thousand cars and four hours. And he replied that Elon Musk tweet.

And I just thought that was so funny because, you know, CEOs of those big corporations that normally just politically correct, they’ll just write these boring statements that, let’s be honest, no one really cares about. So it’s good to see that he’s got a bit of personality about him, you know? So I thought that was a pretty funny exchange between the two CEOs. It’s good to see. And this got me thinking a little bit more about Tesla stock. You know, Tesla stock is one of the most hyped up stocks in the market. And I’ve been following it for a while now. But I feel like if this is just focused most on the short term news, what does this have been doing over the past week? What’s Elon Musk been tweeting about? What his opinion of the past month? I really think it’s important that we take a step back and look at Tesla as a whole and what are the types of conditions that need to be met before we decide to invest in Tesla.

So I decided to make a video about the top three conditions that have to be met. These are must haves before investing in Tesla stock and conditio. One is, do you think that electric vehicles are the future? And he’s also deal on battery, energy storage and solar power manufacturing. So do you think that these couple of things are the future for the world or will the world fully adopt these type of things? But of course, we mainly want to focus on electric vehicles as that is Tesla’s main source of revenue and main focus. And with regards to electric vehicles, I personally do think that they will take over. I don’t know how long away. I don’t think anyone knows really how long away. But I do think that they will be the main means of travel in the future. And this is just looking at it from a holistic point of view. If we look at gasoline cars, what do they rely on? They rely on gas. Gas is a limited product. We don’t know how much gas the world has, whereas with electric vehicles, we can just keep pumping that electric electricity sorry. And we can do the sustainably for forever pretty much. So I think that electric vehicles are the future personally. But you also have to look at how old are you? Are you seventy five. Will the world adopt electric vehicles fully. I know they’ve adopted it and a lot of first class nations, but I’m talking ubiquitously, I’m talking throughout the world as the main source of travel. How long will this be away? Will it be five years? Ten years. And you say twenty five and only going to be investing for another ten years then maybe maybe Tesla, maybe a no go. Maybe it still will be a go. That’s for you to decide. But you need to look at how old are you and how long way will the world fully adopt electric vehicles. OK, I’m twenty years old, so I’ve got a lot of time before the world can adopt this electric vehicle. So I’ve got more chance of profiting from Tesla’s growth in the future. In addition to as Dubeck, Elon Musk, you know, Elon Musk is one of the smartest guys in the world. He’s one of the world’s geniuses. But do you fully back this guy? You know, he may be a genius, but he’s also a massive risk taker. He’s also slightly irrational. Just look at the tweets that he puts out. So if you Beckham, then maybe you want to invest in his company. But it’s also a massive risk. If you don’t back, then don’t invest in his company. Simple. Is that OK? And condition three is are you willing to lose it all? This is one that I may get a bit of heat from, but it is entirely true. You could lose all of your investments. Elon is just the type of guy. Let’s just look at his previous investments. OK, so SpaceX, SpaceX, they had four chances to launch a rocket. The first three failed. If they failed on that fourth launch, SpaceX would no longer exist, although all of his investors would have lost all of their money, OK? And so happened that their fourth launch did succeed and SpaceX is still going. But that was a very risky time for all investors. And it was like fifty per cent, fifty per cent of SpaceX falling and investors losing all of the money and 50 per cent of SpaceX going and potentially making money. I don’t even know if SpaceX will make a lot of money. We’ll say it’s one of those investments that could make an absolute truckload or just fail. Obviously, we can’t invest that because it’s a private business, but it’s still an interesting business to follow anyway. Let’s just keep going. Another thing about his A through a lot of money in twenty seventeen, Tesla burned through two billion dollars and it’s got a market cap of fifty billion, which is really, really weird. And it’s something that you hardly ever see. It’s like saying, yeah, I’ll pay you fifty billion dollars for the privilege of you burning through two billion dollars of my assets. It’s a weird one. Okay. And I don’t even know if Elon Musk has owned a profitable business in his lifetime. I don’t think he owned PayPal when it was profitable. SpaceX, that’s not profitable. Tesla that burned through two billion dollars of money in twenty seventeen. So it’s a very, very real risk when I talk about you could lose all of your money in Tesla. Is that a risk that you want to take this for you to decide? So this third condition is vital and it’s going to be a little bit of a talking point. I know, and this is why I recommend only have a small portion of your portfolio in Sizzla, if you do decide that you want to invest in Teszler because you could lose it all. Yes, these massive returns for great profit in the future. You know, the world could adopt, adopt electric vehicles and Tesla could be the main business with electric vehicles. So the market cap in the future could be massive. You could make massive rewards. But guess what? You could lose everything. So don’t take a massive risk with your investments. Just put maybe a small percentage of your portfolio and if you do decide you want to be on that ride. So anyway, those are the three conditions that must be met. Before you understand Tesla, if you do decide you want to invest. Okay. And flip this video, like if you think people should at least be aware of the risks with Tesla, you know, I see a lot of people looking at the potential for rewards, but they don’t really focus on the risks as well.

So it’s important that we look holistically at Tesla. You know, these are the risks. These are rewards. Do we want to join the ride? Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, it’s going to be a lot of fun. OK, if you want to learn more about investing in personal finance, entrepreneurship, this is a channel for you. The subscription Vallens just over there, we talk about stocks, we talk about money. We talk about the US stocks in particular. So subscribe to the channel and get your next time. Get your money working for you. Have a great rest of the day.

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