Should Elon Musk Step Down As CEO Of Tesla?

So I’ve been thinking about this question lately, should Elon Musk step down from CEO of Tesla and step into a position that would be to suit him? I’m not saying that he should leave Tesla by any means in this video, but we are going to discuss if it would be a good option for Elon to move to a different position. Now, you guys all know that Elon Musk is a genius. We all know that.

But he can be slightly erratic. And if you don’t think that he can, I’ll provide you with these examples. So first, I give you the full twenty dollars funding secured tweet their last tweet. They got Evron hyped up, you know, got shares saw on that new high levels. And perhaps it was not the best thing for Elon to have done. You know, I think we can all agree that it would have been best if he kept us private between him and other Tesla employees instead of sharing that straightaway on Twitter. Now, I think the main reason why he did this was because he was just getting annoyed at the shorts of Tesla stock. And obviously putting out this tweet will take out some of the short players. I think that was the main reason behind it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we can all agree that this might not have been the best thing to put into website for everyone to see. Secondly, I bring to you the first quarter earnings call of twenty eighteen where he what did he say? He called analyst questions boring bonehead questions are not cool and he dismissed analyst questions basically. And then I think he moved to YouTube again. This might not have been the best thing to do when you run a public company and you’re the CEO of a public company. So that’s another example of Elon being slightly erratic. Now, I am saying he’s a genius. He’s a great CEO and a lot of centers, but he does come with a few flaws as a lot of great geniuses do. Another reason why we may consider Elon slightly erratic was that Joe Rogan podcast where he smoked weed and drank whiskey. This was one of the most brilliant podcasts that I have ever listened to. You know, Elon talked about I and flamethrowers and everything in between.

But a game when you’re CEO of a public company and you say drinking whiskey and smoking weed, it’s not the best look. And unfortunately, the mainstream media just focused on this and sort of blew it out of proportion. I think, you know, it’s fine that he had a bit of a sip of whiskey and he he smoked some weed. It was just one puff. But again, when you’re a CEO of a public company, you sort of need to be that politically correct guy, answering all the questions with a straight no nonsense statements. And if you got everything under the belt, you know, if everything’s all good, that’s the sort of CEO that seems to fit well with a lot of shareholders. Now, obviously, Elon is not this guy, which does beg the question, is there a better position within Tesla that would suit Ellen’s personality better, that would bring out his genius even more, and perhaps someone else could take over the position as CEO and be their politically correct fellow, making shareholders happy and keeping the stability within the business. And one thing that I wanted to point out in this video is that I’m not saying I don’t want Elon to be the leader of Tesla anymore. I want him to be in charge of strategic direction and using his genius in that way, innovating the car, innovating with the company should go and growing the business to new heights. But I do think what if we could get a great relationship with a different CEO at the helm of Tesla and Elon Occupy in a different position?

Now, I bring this case to you guys, the viewers, because I have noticed a couple of key leaders within a business, within a company, within a big company. And the leaders are not CEOs of the company, for example. Jack Ma, I know Jack Ma has just announced he’s going to step down, but he is executive chairman of Alibaba and he is not CEO of Alibaba. They’re below that position belongs to a guy called Daniel Zheng or Daniel Zhang. I believe it’s pronounced something along those lines. I’m sorry for not getting that name right. The next example that I can provide to you guys is Bill Gates. He, too, was executive chairman of Microsoft in 2014 before he stepped down to a position called he was founder and technology advisor. After that, I don’t know if he still was. You can let me know in the comments. But the main point of making this video, as I wanted to ask you guys this question, is the. And within Teszler, that would be the suit, Egeland’s personality and better suit Teszler as a company, as a whole, would it be executive chairman? Would it be the same as Bill Gates founder and technology adviser? We alone can still lead, but not be the face of the company where we could have a sort of politically correct guy as the face of the company making shareholders happy and where we could have Elon still in charge of the day to day running of the business and still using his genius in a great way to benefit Tesla. Now, I got to admit, I do not know the roles within a company structure, perhaps, as well as some of you guys would know the roles well, perhaps as well as I should know the roles.

Am I making up a position or is there a position that would satisfy these criteria? I honestly don’t know if the role of executive chairman would sit in beta or founder and technology advisor would suit Elon better. Or if there is another position that would suit Ellen’s personality better and suit Teszler as a company builder. That’s what I don’t know. And that’s what I’m bringing to you guys. I’m bringing that question forward because as I say, you know, one thousand miles is a lot stronger than one mine, which is pretty obvious. And that’s why I want to ask you guys, I’ve got a lot of smart viewers out there who generally leave some very smart comments that I love reading. So can we get an answer? Guys, this is a question that I want to bring to you, and I’m not even sure if I will get a proper answer in this video. I don’t know if this is just a utopian idea that I’m coming up with or F.T. would be a better way for Elon to benefit Tesla shareholders without being CEO. Now, if there is not a way I do want to keep Elon as CEO. I want him to be the leader. I want him dictating, not dictating, but deciding where the company will go. If there is no better way, if there is no better position, then yes, we should definitely keep Elon as CEO. He is a great CEO and so many senses as just those slides. They say irrationalities that come out every now and again that that gets Tesla shareholders worried. And that’s why I come forward and bring this question to you guys. Is there a bit of a structure that we could have with entities that would benefit both shareholders, Tesla, the company and Elon Musk as a whole? You know, I watched Joe Rogan’s podcast with Elon Musk, and I got to he did look stressed. He even said that it’s not good to be Elon Musk. He said it might not be as fun as people said. He looked a little bit stressed. So, guys, answer me this. Should Elon Musk stay as CEO of Tesla Corp.? If yes, then what are we going to do about the irrationalities that sometimes comes out? Are we just going to have to deal with them as shareholders? I’m not a shareholder, but if you are, are you just going to deal with them? And if no, he shouldn’t be CEO, what is a better position that he could take that he should occupy?

I personally don’t know for sure. That’s why I brought up this discussion in the first place to spark some conversation around this topic. I think this is going to be a very interesting one to see what people say and see what a group of minds can come up with.

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