Robert Kiyosaki – The Biggest Stock Market Crash Is On Us NOW!

Speaker 1: The markets are in turmoil. Everything is shifting, and if you’re not paying attention, you’re going to get wiped out. This is about the greatest bubble. And for those of you with a 401k or hoping for retirement or planning on playing golf for the rest of your life, you’d better pay attention, because I think and a lot of other people think and our guests think the biggest stock market crash is on us now. So right now, when you look at the future, the baby boomers are old guys. You know, they’ve had this thought. You know, they are the first generation, I think, to have a 401k because we came off what’s called defined benefit pension plan and went to a defined contribution, which is the R one K or IRA or assets. So the baby boomers for the first generation to be hanging with their butt out in the air right now. And if the market crashes, they’re gone. Whereas my parents generation, the World War two generation, they had a defined benefit pension plan. That’s like what Ford still gives out, I think. So if the market crash, Ford still made sure you got a paycheck for life. So the baby boomers, you’re screwed. Listen to this program now. And if you’re the kid or child or grandkid of a baby boomer, you better listen up, too, because you don’t want grandpa and grandma moving in with you when they get wiped out in this next crash. So let me show you what’s happening in the world economy today. You don’t have to go to Harvard. You don’t have to go to Oxford. This is called economics. It’s called bubble economics. So what what’s happening in the world today and the schools all over the world, all over the world, every every country is doing this right now. Rather than paying their bills, they print money and the economy stays safe for a while then

Unidentified: I understand that.

Speaker 1: So in 2000, it crashed, but did they fix the problem? Now at two thousand eight, it crashed again, that they fixed the problem? No. Now you have to go to Harvard or Yale or Oxford or Princeton to know what’s going to happen next. If you what it does, it keeps the real estate market hot. Max makes real estate hot. It makes the bond market hot. But it’s based on bubble nomics. You don’t have to go to college. And all this. Today is that Social Security is going bust. Teachers pensions are going bust. State pensions are going bust. Social Security is bust. Medicare is going bust. And once the United States doing so, let me ask this question. What’s going to happen if we keep going? You know, they just cut the interest rates again a few days ago. So what’s going to happen? That’s what’s going to happen.

Speaker 2: One of the tweets you can see here is I’m talking about the economy dying. And the reason I say that is the Fed is incompetent. Now, the Fed, what I mean by incompetent, they’re outside. You know, they can’t they can’t save us. It’s gone too far. They’ve been printing money since 1971. And instead of fixing the problem, they just kept making the problem worse. So let me give you an idea how much a trillion is and why I’m saying the Fed is incompetent and dying. So a trillion dollars is a lot of money. All you have to do today is hit a button. You know, you don’t know to print it, but one trillion to a trillion. So if you spent a dollar every sakka, it would take you thirty five thousand years to spend a trillion dollars. I don’t know about you, but I don’t I don’t think you and I are going to be around in 35000 years. But I think they just printed three or four trillion dollars in the last few months. And this is make up 20, 20. So they’re out of control. The cat problem. So if you think they can, you know, and I hope I’m wrong, I know some of you people out there, so I’m a pessimist in all of this. But I’ll tell you something, one dollar a minute or a second. I forgot to check that, but a minute or a second. But thirty five thousand years is a long time and it takes them less than a second to do it. That’s how much they’re printing. So that’s why I recommend buying gold, silver and bitcoin. At least that’s what I’m doing. So let me explain why gold. So my prediction is gold in one year should be three thousand dollars. So that’s about a thousand dollars more than it is today. So in a year, it should be up another thousand. Some people say twenty five hundred is optimistic and. Well, I’d rather have the price of gold going up than your money going down. So if you’re saving money, you know, I’ll pray for you tonight because your savings are actually real money. In other words, if you work for it and you pay the taxes on that money you worked for, that’s real legitimate money, unfortunately, that the Fed is printing trillions and they’re going to pay you nothing for your savings. I mean, you know, when I was a kid, I got 15 percent on my savings. Today you get nothing. So the Fed is screwing you. That’s the term. So I think goal at three thousand and 2021, not outside the box, Sauveur. Forty dollars. And the reason I like silver is silver is moving faster than gold today. And when I look at the price of gold, the high point was nineteen hundred dollars approximately. I don’t know what a couple of years ago, but today at seventeen hundredths of gold is near its all time high. Silver used to be about forty nine dollars and today I think it’s eighteen so it’s about 70 percent below its all time high. So silver is the best deal of all. And I think most of you can afford a 20 dollar silver coin. You know, if you can’t you have deep problem. Know, I’ll pray for you on that one too. But the reason I like Bitcoin is because the more I studied it and the guy that it gets kind of my advisor is Anthony promptly. I know. You know, I think but he’s always on YouTube and he’s got some great guest. So I study from you guys. And what I understand about Bitcoin is that just had a having and having means they print less of it. At the same time, Bitcoin is printing less. The Fed is printing trillions. Now, you don’t need a degree in rocket science to figure that one out. You know, the Fed is making the U.S. dollar or any currency, the yen, the euro, the peso, softer bitcoin. It’s getting harder. Gold is getting harder. Silver is getting harder. So that’s that’s why I, I, you know, I don’t buy gold, silver and bitcoin to get rich. I just hate getting screwed by the Federal Reserve Bank, the Treasury. So if you want to keep saving money and putting it on the stock market or power to you, but all that paper stuff is printed and the CEOs of lots of the the stock market companies, they did a side deal with the Fed. So the Fed was loaning billions of dollars for them to jack their stock price up. So the stock prices are at this artificially high and all mom and pop are watching their 401k IRAs. And the stocks are this high and the Fed keeps printing more money, keeps giving the CEOs indirectly because they can’t do it directly. They do it through is called Sarbaz special something vehicle. It’s criminals, what they’re doing. And they give the CEOs the money and they got the stock market up. That’s why we’re in serious trouble. That’s my opinion. I hope I’m wrong, but I would rather at this time in world history, may twenty twenty, I’d rather have gold, silver and bitcoin.

Speaker 1: There are great pilots for United Airlines. They’re broke. They’re broke. They went to college, have college degrees. They have no pension because they bought, drank the Kool-Aid. I’ve got a school, get a job and got a pension. And thus crash may be the end of the earth. And what’s probably going to happen is called MMT. MMT is modern monetary theory. I call it Marxist money, monetary theory. And that’s why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, they said, let’s attack the rich, let’s tax the rich. And they hate Trump. And people are blaming Trump now for those crash, and I said it was already in the cards. Twenty six it was going to go down anyway. Just said Trump got elected.

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