Pyramid of Trust

Ducks are pretty gullible, they will happily eat food out of anyone’s hand. It doesn’t take very much for them to trust you. People, on the other hand, are different.

So for a website to get a user to trust it, there’s some other things that need to happen before users willing to fully trust that site so we can use the pyramid of trust here to understand those different levels and what’s required in order for a user to give up some information or give up some money. Really. So the Pyramid of Trust works where if the site is unknown to the user, then they don’t have any trust established yet. So the very first level that has to happen is where the user figures out whether or not the site even has something that’s relevant to their interests. If the site’s going to even help them, that’s that baseline level. The next level in the pyramid, it was there. We talk about how the user decides whether or not the site is going to be the best option for them. So they know it’s relevant to them. And this is where they decide, yes, I’m going to actually use this site for this task once we’ve accomplished those two things. That’s when users are more open to trust the website with their personal information. So requests for an email address or a zip code, maybe that type of thing is more more reasonable. It’s more reasonable request because the user already knows that they want to use this site, that they already like it. The next stage is where the site can finally start requesting information that’s more sensitive, maybe credit card information or the full billing address, that type of thing is a more significant request for the user. So if a site right off the bat asks you for your credit card number and the users haven’t been able to address the concerns and the previous levels in the pyramid, it’s not going to go over well.

Finally, the very top level of our pyramid of trust is when the users are willing to establish an ongoing relationship. So that might be storing credit card information, it could be signing up for a subscription, or it might also be even just connecting to the site via a preexisting social media account or an account with another e commerce site, because that commitment requires a little bit more thought at the beginning, since it’s not something that they use is likely to think about on a day to day basis. So in short, you can use the Pyramid of trust as a reminder to not ask for too much too soon.

Yeah, I got it, I got it to.

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