Plain Language For Everyone, Even Experts

A common myth I hear about plain language is that it dumbs down the content, and this complaint is often the loudest among authors who write for academics and experts. Some writers use an academic tone out of tradition or as a way to impress readers. The notion that long sentences and showy words make you sound smarter or make you appear more professional, it’s not true. What it does do is decrease the readability of your copy and the credibility of your site. We’ve conducted many studies with highly skilled professionals and we’ve never seen anyone complain when text was easy to understand. Good communication is good for your audiences information succinctly. Remember, the primary goal of communication is to convey information. There are strong advantages to straightforward writing.

First, it takes less effort to decipher. No one wants to waste mental effort decoding convoluted sentences so clear in writing allows people to spend energy on learning your content. Secondly, plain language benefits everyone from advanced readers to international audiences who use English as a second language. If your content is meant to appeal to an international audience, playing language is even more critical. Third, when your copy contains words that your users use frequently and are familiar with, that content often gains better results in search engines.

When people type in a query, your content will make.

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