Starting An Online Business

Starting an online business and becoming financially independent is now a realistic proposition for anyone who has a computer and internet access. Of the many different ways to go about doing this, some will provide a good return for your efforts, but unfortunately, many online businesses just do not succeed and people operating them fail… Continue reading Starting An Online Business

Google Ad Manager

In this page, we will cover: Troubleshooting why your ads are not showing up Finding out your ad’s approval status Creating custom alerts to monitor performance Reviewing past changes and revisions Viewing or hiding paused or deleted items Getting started with Google Ads Editor Making changes to campaign settings via Google Ads Editor Reviewing account… Continue reading Google Ad Manager

Advertising Analytics

In this page, we will cover: Running and scheduling reports Customizing columns to personalize data views Analyzing the days and times when ads perform best Analyzing geographic performance Reviewing call details Finding out where on display your ads are appearing Segmenting performance reports Creating filters to customize reporting Viewing data in graph format Evaluating sitelink… Continue reading Advertising Analytics

Google Remarketing to Past Visitors

In this page, we will cover: Generating the remarketing code Creating remarketing audiences in Google Ads Creating custom remarketing combinations via rules Setting up a remarketing campaign Setting remarketing bids Setting frequency caps to limit how often ads show Increasing traffic to your remarketing campaign Remarketing to YouTube viewers Introduction Have you noticed ads that… Continue reading Google Remarketing to Past Visitors

Google Banner Ads

In this page, we will cover the following: Creating an automatic placements campaign Creating a managed placements display campaign Researching and adding display placements Targeting display sites based on topics Excluding irrelevant and poorly performing placements avoid displaying your ads on certain pages Excluding categories of sites and potentially sensitive topics Adding image ads to… Continue reading Google Banner Ads

Advertising Management

In this page, we will cover the following: Setting and adjusting campaign budgets Evaluating your current budget and potential impact of budget changes Setting and adjusting ad group level bids Setting and adjusting keyword level bids Enabling enhanced bidding Enabling conversion optimizer Adjusting CPA bids Setting separate bids for calls Predicting impact of bid changes… Continue reading Advertising Management

Google Ads Campaigns

In this page, we will cover the following: Researching competitors’ ads Setting campaign ad rotation Creating effective ads Choosing landing pages Implementing dynamic keyword insertion in ads Avoiding common ad copy mistakes Split testing ad copy Editing your ad text Pausing or deleting ads Introduction Ads are your opportunity to describe your business to potential… Continue reading Google Ads Campaigns