3 Stocks To Buy

Speaker 1: The US market over the past month has been relatively quiet, with just a slight rise in prices and not much volatility. Now, obviously, we want to be the opposite. We want panic. We want prices to go down. We want sales with the stocks we’re buying. Nevertheless, even in an expensive market,… Continue reading 3 Stocks To Buy

Is Netflix Stock A Buy

Speaker 1: So obviously, this leaves a lot of shape. I mean, investors flocking towards the stock, not wanting to miss out on any returns as Netflix stock buy. Let’s dig a little deeper. We’ll talk about the basics of the stock, the business model, fundamentals, risks, and whether I consider it a buy. Welcome… Continue reading Is Netflix Stock A Buy

Facebook, Google & Microsoft’s Earnings – Earnings Reports

Speaker 1: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, these are some of the biggest companies in the world, and they’ve recently released their quarterly earnings report. The big question is, can they beat expectations and what do the numbers look like? So, first of all, why do we care about these earnings? Well, from a business owner perspective,… Continue reading Facebook, Google & Microsoft’s Earnings – Earnings Reports

Investing In Australia

Speaker 1: I normally talk about the United States and stocks from the US, but it is important that we look at a range of different countries to invest in because we want to spread our risk not only across different sectors, but different countries as well. The first key points I want to mention… Continue reading Investing In Australia

Is Goldman Sachs Stock A Buy

Speaker 1: Goldman Sachs is drenched in years of history as being a major bank in the United States, founded in New York by German Marcus Goldman. Goldman Sachs is a multinational finance company, so they participate in a range of things, including investment management, investment banking and securities. Investment management is basically a professional… Continue reading Is Goldman Sachs Stock A Buy

Cults Explained

Speaker 1: I think what attracted India to the group was the sense of unified purpose. Speaker 2: The group was next to and it’s unified purpose was self-improvement, using a patented method of rational inquiry for executive success led by a man named Keith Ranieri. But the claim that Ranieri had one of the… Continue reading Cults Explained