Nielsen Norman Group UX Conference Experience

I think that this training is much more that we were looking for. I can compare these training to any master degree, which is sad, and you could get more actionable knowledge here. I think there’s always more and more and more. You want something else, right? And Nielsen gives you more. What are you expecting? A little bit.

The quality of the speakers, the content and the examples you get just because you have different user types doesn’t mean they’re always going to be working separately. A parent might be working with the student on the website and they need to go to different places. So that’s another thing. You want to look at the overlap with that?

I mean, I’ve gone to a couple of different industry conferences before, and I think there’s always this struggle between more like networking and event based programing versus interactive and workshop based.

It has a good balance between both where, you know, the person in the room is lecturing as well and giving more context and information, but then seeing how you can apply it with people around you and really start to put some of those concepts into practice.

That is the type of thing you have really high definitions and categories where people are more likely to browse because they can feel confident about what is available and what they’re going to get.

I really like the kind of courses that they have right now which really push me to like, OK, I need kind of more guidance to individual design, probably more towards mobile. So this is kind of a conference where I can get chunks of everything in one whole week. So I think that’s what really excited me to in it.

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