Mobile Checkout Experience Tips

As e-commerce UX designers, we have a lot to remember and many factors to pay attention to, especially when it comes to designing our checkout experiences, rightfully so. The checkout path is one of the most highly scrutinized parts of our users journey as it directly influences brand perception and an organization’s ability to drive revenue online. Here are some important design factors to keep in mind to improve your mobile checkout experience.

The first tip is to make guests check out prominent and easy to find. Even people who have accounts often forget their passwords, and many times it can be easier for them to check out as a guest rather than recovering their passwords on a mobile device placed guest check out above the fold and above the options to sign in or create an account for each form field. Present the correct keyboard for email address fields. Use a keyboard that’s optimized for entering email addresses. Those keyboards prominently feature email specific characteristics like an at sign or a period. Keyboard’s should also include up and down arrows to facilitate quick transitions to the next or previous form fields. Use an open forum field, not a selection list, when asking users to enter their state and credit card expiration date. Long dropdown lists are especially difficult for mobile users. And while it usually makes sense to reduce the amount of typing that users must do on mobile, a dropdown for a long list is the wrong solution. It’s faster for users to type the two letters that stand for their state and the four digits of their credit card.

Expiration dates offer mobile friendly payment options, but don’t overwhelm users. With too many recognizable third party checkout options such as PayPal or Apple Pay can be helpful, but too many can cause choice overload. The most common checkout process should be the most prominent on the page. So what is it that distinguishes the best mobile checkout experiences from standard ones? It’s the extra attention to detail and including elements like these, to help move your users through the experience with speed and ease.

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