Measuring Video Performance

Hi, one of the great features about marketing with online video is that you can measure your results. So whether you’re creating videos for your own website or sharing them on social media or advertising on popular video sites, you can measure the results of your efforts in this lesson. We’ll discuss how to use analytics to learn who your viewers are and how they interact with your videos will also look at opportunities to improve your videos performance and engage new audiences.

Video Marketing

Video analytics reveal a lot about the people who watch your videos like their age, gender and location, when you know your audience, you can create video content. They’re interested in watching. Say you’re a food blogger who creates videos about your culinary experiences in foreign locales. Your analytics reveal that most of your viewers live in London and your most popular videos feature French cuisine. Now, if you want to increase traffic to your blog, you might create more videos and content for these viewers, perhaps a cooking demo with a famous French chef. If you have videos in different places, such as your website, Facebook page and YouTube channel analytics on each site, we’ll show you where people are watching your videos the most. Knowing where people watch your videos is key to promoting your content. If most of your audiences watch videos on YouTube, focus on uploading more fresh content to that site. You can also see what day and time people are most likely to watch your videos. If most people watch on weekends, then consider uploading fresh content on a Friday night.

Video Performance and Analytics

When measuring the performance of your videos, you can find out if people have watched your video from start to finish, the length of your video may depend on the content. In most cases, short videos work best. You can increase the likelihood that people will play your videos and watch them to the end by keeping them brief. If people only watch the first few seconds of a video, it might not be meeting their expectations. Consider updating your preview images, video titles or descriptions so that people have a better idea of what they’re about to watch. Also, look at the average length of video viewed.

Video Marketing Views

If most people spend only a minute watching your demos, try creating videos that are 60 seconds or less other common indicators of your videos, performance or likes, dislikes, comments and shares. This information from viewers provides insightful feedback. Another tip, keep an eye on the reactions of your videos through comments and social media.

If people share your video, it’s a strong measure of engagement, after all, they liked it enough to pass it on to someone else. To recap, you can use analytics to learn who is watching your videos, identify what they like and don’t like, and find opportunities to engage new audiences, what you learn can help you create your next video.

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