LinkedIn Video Marketing

What better way to talk about LinkedIn video than with a video? LinkedIn is a great place to post your videos and you can potentially get a lot of engagement and create brand awareness for free types of LinkedIn videos you can share.

LinkedIn is a platform for growing your professional presence, whether you’re a recruiting company looking for a new candidate or a B2B company trying to grab potential leads. It’s all about networking. Your videos should reflect that. If you make videos about your vacations, you should probably save those for YouTube. Unless your business is a travel agency, then you should probably talk about your vacations. While there’s no one answer to the types of videos you can share on your businesses, LinkedIn, we have some suggestions for how you can use video show off your culture. Culture videos are great for attracting potential candidates. And they also show that you care about your employees. Does your company throw some cool events? Are your employees always happy to capture that in a video? Sit down with people and ask them why they love to work for your company and bring out your camera and phone cameras count when you’re at a company event. The best way to tell people that your company rocks is by showing them establish your expertize educational videos on your business’s LinkedIn can help establish you as an industry leader. This is excellent for creating trust between your business and your followers. If you can show that you’re up to date on a variety of topics and have a clear understanding of your industry, people will be more likely to turn to you when they need information. If people trust your knowledge, it’s more likely they’ll trust your products and services. Give company updates if LinkedIn is all about networking your business, what better way to do that than sharing what your business is doing? Sure, you could write a press release or a post and help people read it. But in the video, you can visually show how excited you are about what you’re working on. Let’s say your technology company created a new laptop and you’re so excited to let the world know. Well, if you write something about it, you can use a bunch of exclamation points and include some photos. But in the video, people can see the excitement on your face and you can demonstrate how to use your product. It’s an effective medium for communicating emotion.

Explain your products or services. To get those valuable leads from LinkedIn, you need to show them what you offer if you establish what you know with educational content and then show how your products can help someone’s business. You are using video to move people through the buying funnel. You’re helping drive leads to your business. Share a video tutorial on how to use your products and include the benefits of what you offer. Get some video of your services in action so people that your company can add value to theirs. Now, how do you post your videos on LinkedIn? You can record a video using the LinkedIn app or upload one that you’ve created on your own. As I mentioned, you don’t have to have a professional camera and film crew to make a video from LinkedIn. Smartphone cameras get better with each new release and some can even shoot in Falke. You can also purchase additional lenses for your phone camera if you want to. Some basic video concepts to keep in mind when shooting. If you use a smartphone to record the microphone moves with the phone. So try to keep the phone close to you. And since there’s not a microphone on the speaker, you’ll hear any noise in or outside of the room you’re in. Try not to pick somewhere with a lot of reverb or background noise. Make sure the room is lit. Well, if there’s a window with natural light, position yourself. So the natural light is in front of you and not behind you. This can help eliminate the need for additional lighting. If the natural light is too bright, adjust any curtains or blinds until the lighting works for you. A shaky video can be distracting. Use a tripod or try to prop the camera up on a table or any solid item at the right height. Here are a few tips for when you’re ready to post to LinkedIn. Do not make the video too long. If you have a twenty minute video about something in your industry, LinkedIn is not the place to publish the full version. If you’re attached to it, you can upload a teaser and then link to the full video elsewhere. But LinkedIn videos can only be up to ten minutes long. Video ads can be longer, but that’s a topic for another day.

Use hashtags. LinkedIn users can follow different hashtags that interest them. So if you upload a video about business insights, use the hashtag hashtag business insights to share it with the people who follow the hashtag. It will help get your content in front of a bigger audience and get some eyes on your brand. Lastly, when people watch videos on mobile devices, they generally don’t use the audio and most people watch video on mobile. Out of those mobile viewers, less than 40 percent watch with the sound on. So if you have a great interview without captions, not a lot of people are going to know what’s happening in your video. LinkedIn lets you add captions to your videos luckily so everyone can enjoy your video. You do have to add captions as an SRT file. A closed captioning service isn’t too expensive. Now, closed captions on that platform cost a dollar a minute. So a short video shouldn’t be that expensive for your business to caption.

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