Introduction To International Marketing and Export

Hello, online marketing has made it easier than ever for businesses like yours to think beyond borders and take your place in the global marketplace. Now we’re going to look at international marketing. We’ll show you how to find the right international markets for your business and share some practical and cultural tips.

It became very obvious very quickly that I was getting lots of inquiries from different places in the world and suddenly this business that I thought was going to be a very British centric summertime wedding speech writing business was actually 52 weeks a year and a global. Very quickly, I start getting inquiries in the West Coast of America, from the East Coast of America, from the middle of nowhere in Canada, from Asia. And then I started sectioning the outgroups off. So I was running a set of ads that would work better in America and Australia and New Zealand and South Africa, targeting them or changing the beds, changing the the daily limits. Every little territory is being handled. I’ve got this, you know, international global business from my little room in Sussex.

Let’s say you have a vintage record shop with a stellar reputation, your high end equipment and expertize have helped you stand out and attract an elite customer base. Business is good, but you want to reach more of those customers. You’ve heard some of the markets abroad and reckon it would be a good move to sell your products in Europe and beyond. So where do you start? Well, first you need to learn about the target market in each area you’re considering and find out how best to reach them. For instance, with digital advertising, look at search, traffic, competition and pricing. This will give you a clear view of your potential markets so you can decide where your products will be well received. You can use search trend reports, geographic data in your web, analytics and marketing insight, tools to help determine which markets will be best placed to start expanding your business. Once you know where you want to go, you may need to overcome language barriers, how do you communicate and market to customers and prospects without losing anything in translation, you might need to translate and localize your website’s content. But automated translation services are rarely 100 percent accurate. So it’s probably a good idea to have a native speaker who can help you confirm the content has the right tone. Your new customers and prospects from different cultures and languages will need to communicate with you to be ready from the start with a plan to support those customer service needs. Next, think about your infrastructure and the systems you need to properly support your expansion into international markets. Don’t forget about packaging considerations for fragile components, VAT and any legal or regulatory issues. Once that is resolved, it’s time to review your e-commerce and payment solutions. Now, although many e-commerce systems are able to set up multinational transactions, you’ll have to customize payment options and other settings. We’ll discuss this further in a later video. Even with great cross-border e-commerce systems, you’ll still want to think ahead to the next step, getting your products to your new international customers. What’s required to ship and deliver your orders? What about refunds, customer service and support? Marketing to new customers in international markets is an exciting prospect and one that could expand your business tremendously. Mapping out your plan in advance sets the stage for success. So are you ready to fully explore international expansion in the next videos will explain how to research and validate the market for your product in new countries, then will help you handle translation and localization and discuss the infrastructure and support your need.

Finally will go over adapting your e-commerce and delivery processes for an international market. Stay tuned and your business will be positioned for success in these exciting new markets.

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