Intranet Vision

When I look at a great Internet, I wonder how did they do that behind every great Internet is a great team, a leader and flexible technology. But what’s probably most important is a clear vision.

Like any development project, when designing an Internet, the team needs something to aim at and for intranets. This is especially important because of the nature of the team set up. Often people work only part time on the Internet and spend the rest of their time doing something else, like the public facing Web site or it support. Imagine working on the Internet then for part of the day, days or even weeks, working on corporate communications, then coming back to the Internet. You would need a reminder of purpose. A good Internet vision is that reminder? It covers what the team wants to do without being overly ambitious or complicated to understand and is clear and concise. How much is covered in a vision and type of information can greatly vary between organizations to suit each organization’s needs. For example, the visions of the winning design teams for our 2020 Intranet Design Annual covered everything from features to efficiencies, systems, content and accessibility. The greatest theme of this year’s vision was the desire to build a platform of inclusiveness, collaboration and consolidation. For example, Angelina’s vision included developing a unique and inclusive group identity and removing barriers between divisions and countries, increasing collaboration and stimulating innovation. Likewise, Dyna Care strove to improve collaboration and productivity and enable connections between colleagues and be the hub of the tools and their digital workplace. Visions are often about integrating the glut of tools and websites in a digital workplace like Barclays’s vision that set out to organize in one place the hundreds of tools and divisions specific microsite. Some of the best intranets I’ve ever seen were the result of a merger or acquisition. And while there were usually great challenges with culture teams and duplicative content and features, often teams could combine their experience and use the knowledge from their multiple intranets as a starting point, and a vision propelled them forward. For example, one of our twenty twenty winners, Con Edison’s vision was to unify Con Edison and Orange and Rockland employees in a single Internet platform.

Whatever your Internet’s vision created with leadership and other stakeholders, socialize it and use it as that beacon your team can purposefully move toward.

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