Ideation doesn’t waste time, it saves time

So when you have a limited amount of time for design, you don’t want to waste that by pursuing a bad idea of sitting down and stopping to consider alternative solutions before evaluating them allows you to produce a wider set of possible solutions to draw on rather than just accidentally stopping and refining your first idea. So the probability that any single idea, especially your first idea it’s a good solution, is pretty low. But the probability that one of the ideas you’ve generated out of many being the optimal design solution, that probability is much, much higher. So the ROIC is all of the time that you’ll save by not inadvertently pursuing the wrong design idea.

Doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Sure, you could do half day, full day or even week long offsite ideation sessions, but that’s not necessary for everyday practical ideation, for tackling specific design challenges. Even just sitting down for one hour or less can be effective at generating a lot of ideas to draw on. You also don’t even need a lot of people you can idea on your own. Again, just sitting down for that one hour and writing out all of your possible ideas before you start to evaluate them again allows you to draw on that larger set of possible solutions before deciding on any possible path. However, ideating with even one other person or a small group of three or four allows you to draw on their multiple perspectives and feed off each other’s ideas. And that allows you to generate a wider set of possible solutions than you would likely produce on your own. And again, a larger number of possibilities means that one of them is even more likely to be the optimal design solution. So remember, ideation doesn’t take time. It saves time.

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