How to “Steal” Your Competitors’ Backlinks

How to get back link ideas from your competitors, analyzing your competitors, backlink profiles can lead to a goldmine of link building opportunities which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to discover. But some competitors have tens of thousands of backlogs, so there’s no way you can review them all manually. It would take too long. For example, here at the Trev’s one of the blogs we compete with for search traffic is Branden’s but Glynco dot com. We have quite an overlap in the keywords that we are targeting with our articles. So it would make sense for us to learn which websites linked to the Klinker dot com so that we could pitch our own content to them. But if we put back a link to the common site, Explorer will see that over 11000 websites are linking to it. That’s a lot of work and we certainly don’t have time to manually review all of them. So how on earth do you analyze big backlink profiles of your competitors without going crazy? Well, let me show you three great strategies that will help you to quickly make sense of such a large dataset strategy. Number one, find their Superfriends.

Let’s continue with an example of clinical outcome, which is a competitor to entraps blog. Brandyn has published quite a few amazing articles over the last few years and they know for sure that he has grown a big army of fans who consistently link to his content. Wouldn’t it be cool to know who they are? If someone is so eager to link to the content of your competitor, they might be interested in your content, too. So how do you find the Superfriends? You could try going to referring domains report filtering by to follow links only and then sorting the results by the number of the following links from a domain. But because the web is full of trash, you’re very likely to see a ton of very strange websites there, which don’t look like websites where you would care to be featured. So there is a better way. Go to the best Billings report and said it should be called filter to 200. This will give you a list of the pages on your competitors website that have generated the most backings. Now take up to ten of these pages and copy paste them into a traveling intersect intersexual. Make sure to stream the protocol from each URL and use the prefix setting. This will give better results. Let me do that with five of the most linked to articles at Kalinka dot com. After clicking shoaling opportunities, I get only six to six websites that have links to all five articles of our competitor. If I start exploring those, most of them would likely turn out to be legit websites worth getting a link from. And because they are linked to not one but all five articles on the blog that we are competing with, there should be a very high chance that we can get a link from them to this how we went from over 11000 random websites that link to our competitor, only six to six that are worth our immediate attention. But the fun doesn’t end there. Maybe some of these websites have already linked to us. We have a cool setting for that. And Link Intersexual, just enter your own website there. And all sites that already link to you will be excluded from the results. So let’s put in a dot com and see how many websites link to all five articles that link dot com but have never link to any pages on the trends that come. And there is none except for ourselves, which means that all their super fans already know about us. But we are not finished yet. We can go back and change this little setting from all to any. This will expand our results by including websites that link to any four of these articles, any three of these articles, any two of these articles and even any single one of these articles. Let’s see how that looks. And now we get thirty four hundred results. These sites have links to articles by our competitor, but have never linked to us, which makes them perfect outreach targets. Clearly there will be some trashier too, but many legit websites can be easily identified just by looking at the domain names alone placed at point dot com pisit marketing dot com hickham tuning dot com future content dot seo these falu good. And when I opened them, I can see that they are digital marketing agencies. Each of them has a blog from which they were linking to articles that link dot com. And because our content overlaps so much, it should not be too hard to connect with these guys and find a way to get featured on their blog. Now, thirty four hundred websites is quite a lot to go through, even if you’re just quickly scanning them for good looking domain names like I just did. But if you look at the Intersect column, we will see that it drops to one as early as page number seven, which means that we have slightly over three hundred websites that link to two or more articles by our competitor, but have never linked to us. The rest of them only link to a single article. So they’re not really Superfriends now. Three hundred is a totally manageable number. You can scan through this amount of websites and less than one hour and find quite a few good link opportunities. And then you can take five more articles from the blog of your competitor and analyze them with links intersect. Then you can do this with some other competitor of yours strategy number to find the power linkers. I just showed you how to use their sexual initiatives to identify Superfriends, who consistently link to articles of your competitor. But there is another cool way to use link intersect. You can find websites that link to a few blogs that you’re competing with, but they have never linked to your own blog. Sounds good. So let me put five well-known blogs in our own industry and see how many websites have linked to all five of them, but never link to achieve that outcome. And we have over two hundred results. Now, this is. A real goldmine of link building opportunities, all of these websites have mentioned from all five of our competitors, but have never linked to us. This has to be fixed. I’m sure if you send a personal outreach email to all 200 site owners and introduce them to each blog, many of them will end up linking to us. I know this for a fact because we regularly reach out to these kinds of sites. And once you’re done with all websites and at least you’re going to repeat this with five other blogs that you compete with, or you can play with all any setting to expand the list of results the same way we did when looking for Superfriends. All in all, with the help of Link Intersexual, and you should be able to discover a ton of great Lync opportunities with just a few hours of work. And we have one less competitor research strategy left to discuss. Strategy number three, analyze the latest backlinks. Well, taking action on the previous two strategies. You should always pay attention to the date when each of the linking websites was last updated. Chances are many of the websites who are linking to your competitors probably did so quite a long time ago, but they are not actively updating their websites anymore. While there’s still a chance to persuade them to link to you, the likelihood drops rather significantly. So why don’t you look at the most recently acquired links of your competitors initiatives? We have a report just for that. And it’s called New backlinks. So let’s see who has linked to the Glynco dot com in the last few days. I usually just skim through a list of links and look for domain names that look good. So here’s one cool name that caught my attention marketing ninja’s dot com. If we do a site call on search and Google, I will see that they have never mentioned they travel on their website. I can also go to the referring domains report for each dot com and look for marketing ninja’s, dot com among them, to verify that they have never linked to our website and they haven’t. So that’s the kind of OLINKA opportunity that I was looking for. By browsing their website. I can see that it’s yet another marketing agency which has an active blog. So all we need to do is reach out to them and teach them some of our own content. If they enjoy articles from Kalinka dot com, I have no doubt that we will be able to impress them with our own blog and they might link to some of our articles later on. So that’s how your mind great link opportunities by researching for links to your competitors in just a few hours of browsing their latest back links, you can find enough opportunities to keep you busy for weeks ahead. Here’s one last tip with Entraps. You can actually receive email alerts every time your competitors get new backlinks. Just go to alerts. Section of a Trev’s the Burgling Step and click news alert. But most likely your competitors are getting hundreds of new back links to their blog every week or even every day. So if you set up a link alert for their entire website or even their entire blog, you will quickly get overwhelmed with the amount of backlinks that they traverse will be sending via email. When I suggest you do instead is set up alerts for a bunch of individual articles from their blog that you care about the most.

For example, this could be the articles that are currently outranking your own ones in Google search results. This way you’re only going to receive email alerts with new backings pointing directly at these few articles which would make these email reports very insightful and actionable. Go try it with a few best articles of your competitors and see how it works.

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