How to Start a New Career in UX

People often ask me how to get started in the UK’s profession, and my answer is it depends on your circumstances. So if you already have a job, I really recommend to stay in that company and you’re just gradually turn your position into being a professional.

So start with something very simple, like maybe a user test with five users, which, you know, you don’t require special permission to do that. It doesn’t require any kind of big budget at all. It’s very cheap to do. And then based on the good results you get out of that, you do a little bit more on the next project and a little bit more gain on the project after that. And gradually you just change your position from whatever it is now. Into the end, you will become the company’s UX expert. On the other hand, if you don’t have a job as your brand new and you just graduated. My advice is go to a place that already has an established UX team with sound methodology, several professors already there, and most important, an actual UX manager who’s also a professional this field. Because then you can learn from your colleagues, you can learn from that manager.

You don’t have to suffer under struggling with people in other fields saying, what’s all that user experience stuff? What’s about usability? Why do we have to bother with that? It’s the manager’s job to take care of that problem and to protect you so that you can focus on learning the discipline, you know, really becoming a great professional. So I don’t don’t want you to go and work at a startup or a company that does not have a U.S. team already because then you’ll be raised by wolves. I don’t want it to be raised by wolves. I wanted to learn good methodology, be raised by professionals.

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