How to Monetize Your AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Traffic

Google loves accelerated mobile pages in which they load up mobile content faster and better experience for users. But when you do that, what you’ll find is all that really loads is your content and you don’t really make any money off your mobile traffic if you do that. I’m going to break down how to generate revenue from your accelerated mobile pages.

So a while ago I was in my search console and I was looking at my traffic and I just lit up search console here. I want you to change your date range to the last 16 months.

When I was in search console and I was going through this exact same steps, I noticed that, hey, you know, I get a decent amount of traffic from Google. Sixty six million clicks in the last six months. Not bad. Then I scroll down. I clicked on pages. When I clicked on pages, I could see all the pages that were driving traffic to my website. And when I did a new button right here and I filtered by device and I clicked mobile and I clicked apply. I noticed that I was getting a good amount of traffic from mobile. Now, hopefully this loads, sometimes it doesn’t because I have a lot of data, but you’ll end up seeing if it does load that I get a lot of traffic from mobile to the 60 plus million visits, roughly sixty six. Twenty five of them roughly come from mobile. And when you look at this, it’s like, all right, this is great. It’s a lot of traffic. Well, most people don’t realize is on mobile. All my traffic comes from accelerated mobile pages. And I was like, wait, I’m getting a lot of mobile traffic and it’s been climbing over the years.

So I’m going to pull Google Analytics for you really quickly so you can see how much traffic is coming to these accelerated mobile pages. Accelerated mobile pages tend to have a Eurail slug of slash a MPLX. So, again, I have a lot of traffic.

I don’t pay for Google Analytics, so I’m not going to show you data on the last six months because the report just won’t load. Even when I look at the last week, it takes forever for the report to load, as you can end up seeing here. But what you’ll quickly see is I get a lot of traffic to accelerated mobile pages, so I’m going to do a AMPE that stands for accelerated mobile pages and you’ll see how much traffic is over the last seven days. Right. This isn’t even the last year or anything like that or month. It’s just last seven days. Five hundred and twelve thousand pages came to these accelerated mobile pages. Right. This is people coming from mobile devices. And when you go to my blog and I know I’m on a desktop device right now and I’m going to end up pulling up one of my blog posts and I must show you what it looks like on mobile devices. So on mobile devices, it ended up looking like this minus this top bar right here that I’m you know, I’m highlighting and minus the bottom bar, which I can’t really highlight because it’s a click, right? So they click to get more traffic and they grow to grow your traffic. Those two I recently added. But before that, my accelerated mobile pages just had the content and that’s it. And what I was doing is I was getting all this traffic to my accelerated mobile pages and I wasn’t driving any conversions. And when Google first released this, you would see a lot of players like The New York Times that was leveraging accelerated mobile pages. And then they’re like, wait, we’re not making any ad revenue. We’re not making any revenue from these pages. We’ve got to stop and go back to normal pages. I never heard of switching back to normal. I kept my mobile pages and pages. And recently what I had my developer do as I had them add call to actions within my accelerated mobile page. So on a mobile device page looks like this. And you see the call to action here where someone can enter the URL or they can click to get more traffic. And that sends them to my consulting page. As you can see, my you are also I have Source Eco’s app, so I know. And that’s helped us generate a lot more conversions. It was that simple.

So the lesson I have for you is just add sticky barsh to the top and the bottom of your amp pages and have it go to your landing page, your product that you’re selling or the services you’re selling and just trying to collect more leads. It works whether you’re B2B or B2C. Do this and you’ll at least generate some conversions from your AMP pages and that’s better than generating no conversions. Try it out, see how it works for me. Are conversions one up by around six percent in total? Keep in mind a majority of my traffic is desktop, but six percent is better than nothing. That’s extra conversion that I never had. So I recommend just adding a top Sikhi bar and a bottom sticky bar to your pages to generate more sales from your AMP pages.

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