How To Make Your Ads Stand Out

Have you ever noticed when you search for something online, most of the adverts that you see in the search results look similar in this page will help your business stand out by showing you how to write eye catching ads, compelling headlines and clear calls to action.

Let’s start by doing a search for higher wedding photographer and having a look through the ads that appear. The first thing you might notice is that there are lots of wedding photographers online and the ads all seem to get a little bit lost in the fray. That’s because they aren’t particularly relevant to our search and don’t seem to be offering anything unique. There are also lots of organic search results. The results in the center of the page competing for your attention. You can imagine how easy it is for your ad to get lost here, which is why it’s really important to create something unique that stands out from the competition. So how can you take your ad to the next level and make it jump off the page? There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to turn a plane advert into something attention grabbing. Let’s start with relevance. Relevance is the name of the game in search engine marketing. Try and write your adverts headline to match the searches words as closely as possible. Remember our example search for higher wedding photographer if you want to be sure to show up in search results. But that search just use the ads headline hire wedding photographer. Now, when someone searches for this keyword, your advert will perfectly match what they’re searching for. So what other ways can you make your advert stand out from the crowd? How about some kind of unique time offer or promotion? If you’re running a sale or have a special benefit the customers can take advantage of? Well, that’s a really easy way to attract attention. Let’s take your first description line, which said photos for all weddings and update it with a special offer. How about this? Get 25 percent of your photo collage. This already looks a lot more exciting and gives the customer a clear reason to visit your website. Similarly, you could try something like free shipping on purchases over 25 pounds.

Finally, you’ll want a strong, clear call to action in your advert. In other words, tell visitors what you want them to do when they get to your site. You could say browse our portfolio or buy or make a reservation. Research shows that people respond when you direct them to do something specific. It’s a good idea to include this as a second line of your advert so the searcher knows exactly what to do after they click on your ad. Let’s say your adverts call to action is back online today. That’s all right. But it’s not very exciting. Let’s try something a little bit more compelling. How about Viewer Wedding Photo Gallery? This is much better. It tells the customer what they should do when they visit your website. And it also reinforces the fact that your business is highly relevant to the customer’s need because you’ve got a wide selection of wedding photography right now. Let’s go back to our original advert to compare the before and after. It looks better, doesn’t it? The adverts new headline is far more relevant to the search. We have an exciting special offer and a clear call to action. This new advert is much more likely to attract customers to your website. So what have we learned? Using a few simple guidelines can help your advert stand out from the competition.

First, you want to customize your advert headline to the search, then include a special or timely offer and finally give a compelling call to action. These techniques can help improve your ads across the board. Just remember that writing great adverts is an ongoing process, just like researching keywords or monitoring your bid prices. Focus on these tips over the long run and you’re likely to see success.

Product Promotion and Merchandising

As you build out your online shop, promoting your full inventory of products can be challenging here. We’ll examine the best ways to promote products and special offers. We’ll show you how to predict which products your customers might like and help you showcase products your visitors might not normally see. The first step is to set up your online shop, that way it’s easy for your visitors to browse all of your products. You’ll want to create the right hierarchy of categories and subcategories which will help a customer navigate your site and the products for sale. Promoting products in an online shop isn’t too different from a high street shop. Think about the last time you visited a furniture shop. You probably didn’t just walk in and see a map of the shops aisles pointing to where the products could be found. More likely, you walked in and saw really comfy sofa near the door that you could sink right into. Think about a bricks and mortar shop online shops also display very specific featured products. If it’s the end of summer and students are going off to university, the furniture shop might have desks or bookcases on display and on sale.

This is an example of product merchandizing, you can do the same thing online, starting by promoting certain products right on your home page, your promotion might be to help shift old inventory or feature a best selling item you want more customers to see. Using part of your homepage to showcase products or even running online advertising campaigns with dedicated landing pages can be a great way to merchandise online. And that’s just the beginning. Imagine if you walked into an offline furniture store and the front door display magically transformed based on your interests, and as you browsed, all of the promotions you encountered were customized to what you’d previously looked at. That’s exactly what online shops can do as visitors browse the pages of your site. You’re collecting data about what interests them. Now, you can use this data to predict what they’re likely to be interested in next. Think of the last time you were shopping online, you might have been shown recommended products after viewing certain items or putting them in your cards. For example, if you are on a custom furniture website and you were looking at kitchen tables, you might have seen a promotion for chairs or window shutters to match the room. Many shopping cart providers, such as Magento Billion Pizza Shop and Shopify offer these product recommendation engines. Next up in product promotion and merchandizing is finding ways to showcase products that your visitors may not have otherwise been looking for. This can be a really effective way to cross-sell. So how does this work? Well, let’s imagine an office manager is looking for a new executive desk for the big boss, something grand, an ornate. But he might not have been thinking about matching bookcases or custom doors. Now is the perfect time to remind him. Promoting related products can lead to increased sales.

The world of e-commerce offers you plenty of great ways to make your customers see and interact with relevant products on your sites. You can create a virtual display as they enter your sites. Or use data to suggest what they might buy next. So get out there and start selling.

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