Speaker 1: OK, you found one hundred dollars and you somehow managed to not buy the latest Nike shoes or Kanye West apparel, and you made the decision you want to invest. Let me tell you straight away that by just making that decision, you’re about three steps ahead of everyone else. Most people couldn’t save a dollar if their life depended on it.

There’s just too much stimuli telling us to consume. And unfortunately, so many people will just given to us in this video, I’m going to give you two ways in which you can invest one hundred dollars. The first will be reasonably low risk with less potential for high rewards. The second will be a lot higher risk, but with the potential for ridiculous returns. The first way to invest one hundred dollars is by putting an indecency. And what the heck is this, you might ask? The S&P index is pretty much the largest 500 companies in the US of A.. And with just one hundred dollars, you can be partially invested in each one of these companies. The index will give you a pretty close return to the United States overall market. Now, one of the advantages, you becoming an owner and the biggest companies of the United States. So they do well, your investment as well. The other main advantage is that you’re going to learn about investing. This is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life because it’s teaching you how to get money to work for you. The more you learn about investing, the more you can become an owner in great businesses and give them new money. The disadvantage you own based on can only grow as big as these companies can grow. Even if they tripled in value, your investment will only grow to three hundred dollars as the potential to get more than three times your investment. Of course, how become an owner in your own business? This is a second way of investing. One hundred dollars. I’d hate to be a bubble, but twenty eighteen guys. You don’t need half your life savings to start up a business.

These are small thing called the Internet where you can pretty much start your own business up for free. The second way you can invest 100 hundred dollars is by starting a YouTube channel. Now, some people, haters might think, nah, that’s not really a business. You’re just making videos for those people. I say you are living in the Stone Age, but today is the modern era. Through YouTube, you can generate a range of sources, sources of revenue, YouTube ads, sponsorships, affiliate links, selling your products to your viewers, the list of ways to make money goes on and on. And the beauty of YouTube is you don’t have to have a lot of capital started up or you really need is a mike. And if you’re feeling ambitious, a video camera, you can actually get away without having any of these. You can just use your computers camera. But A is really helpful and there’s nothing wrong with going for extra quality in your videos this week here on Amazon is only nineteen dollars in this camera. Here is fifty six dollars. There you go. You started for less than one hundred dollars. You’re well on your way. You can even put the rest and inocente and kill two birds with one stone. But this is not easy making it on YouTube.

What I recommend is find that you’re passionate about and then target them. What are they searching for on YouTube or other successful YouTube is in your nation making videos on start thinking towards your viewers once you found the right type of videos to make and show that there are quality videos that your viewers will love and simply keep putting in the effort and you can start making money. The main thing is quality videos. With the right nasch, you can start making money content uploads. So how do you make money through YouTube ads? As I’ve said, affiliate links, selling your products, you can turn that hundred dollars into who knows how much. There is no limit. So there you go to quite different ways than this one hundred dollars.

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