How to Find Great Blog Topics to Write About

Welcome to the lesson number four in this lesson, I’m going to solve the common struggle of finding great content ideas for your blog so that you will never have to worry about it again. So here’s the agenda for this lesson. I have four sources of great content ideas for you. These four will be enough to fill your content calendar for a full year ahead, I promise.

And then we’ll talk about prioritizing your list of content ideas and decide which of them will have the highest impact on your business. So let’s go part one, how to discover great content ideas by starting your niche, regardless of the niche that your business folds into business consulting, health care, insurance, photography or anything else. The chances are a ton of people are talking about it online. There might be forums or different online communities where your ideal customers are hanging out. There might also be groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit or Selek, and there might be some sites where people leave their reviews about relevant products or services. In other words, there’s no shortage of places online where you can go and watch your target audience communicate and speak their mind. Even Reddit alone can supply you with enough content ideas to keep you busy for months.

There is a sub Reddit for almost anything. You’re in the business of selling knives. No problem. Let’s search for knives on Reddit and they see two cool abraded right away our knives and our slash knife club. It took me just a few minutes of browsing this spreadsheets to find a few great ideas for blog posts. But let’s not forget what we learned in lesson number three. We need to make sure that people are actually searching for these topics. And Google estimated the total search traffic potential. See if there is a parent topic that we could target. And finally, look at the number of linking websites among the top ranking pages. So let’s put this three topic ideas from Reddit into each rescuer’s explorer for a quick research. And immediately one of them seems promising. I see an article at knife and former dot com titled The Best Gentlemens Pocket Knife, and it gets almost four hundred visits per month in the US while only having one link from one website. And the rest of the search results don’t seem very competitive based on how many backings they have. How cool is that? It took me just a few minutes to find an awesome article idea that has quite decent traffic potential and the tiny amount of links. Guess how many content leads you will find if you browse rated for like two hours and read? It is just one of the wide variety of places around the web where you can go and study what your target audience is talking about. In fact, amazing content ideas can come from almost any source that is somehow related to your business. This one time I was browsing the bookstore in the airport while waiting for my flight and saw a magazine which had a title too good to ignore it. How does the top online business?

So I immediately bought it, not because I was hoping to learn anything new from it, but because this was the magazine that my target audience was reading and therefore it could help me understand them better. This is how this magazine ended up on my work desk and I was browsing it whenever I wanted to procrastinate for a while. That’s how I stumbled upon this article. Search engines, how to get listed. Seriously, people still struggle with that. With over seven years of experience in SL, I could not understand how someone could not know this. So I pulled its rescuer’s explorer tool and entered that headline there. I checked the top ranking results and I was totally blown away by the amount of search traffic that I saw coming to one of the top ranking articles, over eleven thousand visits per month from the US alone and eighteen thousand visits per month globally. And the top keyword of this article is submit website to search engines. Looks like this is the most popular search query that people are using to search for this topic. And its search volume is fourteen hundred searches per month in the US alone. I thought this was a great topic for us to cover the Trev’s blog because people who are looking to submit their websites to search engines are actually looking to get traffic from search engines. And that was a perfect opportunity to introduce them to address tools. So guess who published a detailed guide on the topic two months ago? And today we already rank it position number eight for the main search query submit website to search engines, which is the bottom of the front page of Google search results. And in just two months from the published date, this post has already brought us almost a thousand visitors from Google Search, which is quite a decent result for such a short time frame. So I hope this was a good example to illustrate how starting your niche and getting in the heads of your potential customers helps you to create highly relevant content on your blog and get targeted traffic from Google. And before we move on to the next strategy, I suggest you to pause this video and take action, search and read it on Facebook for relevant communities where your target audience is hanging out. Spend at least ten minutes browsing each of these communities and look for things that bother people the most and the language that they use to describe them. Whenever something strikes you as a great idea for an article on your blog, don’t forget what you’ve learned in the previous lesson and test this content idea for search, traffic potential and drinking difficulty.

Try to find at least three cool article ideas before you move on to the next strategy that I’m about to show you. And just in case you need more guidance in researching your niche and getting into the heads of your potential customers, we have a great article coming up.

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