How to Compete With Big Brands in Google

How to compete with the big guys in Google search results, whatever industry you’re in, the best search queries are most likely taken by someone already and that someone is usually a big established website that is better than you in every possible way. They have a strong brand full of credibility and trust. They have a lot of resources for creating amazing content. They have a big, loyal audience to whom they can promote their content and get links from. They have a huge advertising budget to reach insane amounts of people. And to make matters worse, they already rank at the top of Google for all those juicy keywords that you wish to rank for, which means that they get highly relevant, consistent traffic to their pages every single month, which means that some of these people will end up linking to this pages.

The mere fact that it ranks number one and Google makes their page worthy of a link and then a consistent flow of new back links will obviously strengthen the leading position of their pages in Google search results. That is a very discouraging cycle, right? I call it the vicious cycle of S.L. Take any page, the drinks and Google top three for a popular keyword and put it into each Web site explorer tool like this guy to keyword research from was.

Does it get a bunch of new back links every week because they actively promote it? Of course not. It gets all these new links on complete autopilot. It ranks high in Google and therefore has a consistent flow of targeted visitors, many of whom will link to it afterwards, as you can see from the graph. And the pace at which this article acquires new backlinks is quite high. It would be almost impossible to keep up with them if you were building all your back links manually. So how do you break into this vicious cycle of Brazil and outrank these big guys? Well, I am afraid there is no way to do that unless, of course, you’re able to create a vastly better piece of content and you have enough resources to reach a comparable amount of people with it. This is the only way you stand a chance at building a comparable amount of Awakening’s in a relatively short time frame. So the only advice they have for you is this don’t go after keywords until you grow a big enough audience and accumulate enough resources to effectively wrestle with whoever currently ranks at the top. And besides, there is absolutely no reason to target highly competitive search terms while there are tons of untapped opportunities to easily grow your search traffic. In the previous lessons of this course, I have shared quite a few great tips and strategies on how to discover low hanging content ideas that would bring you a ton of search traffic with minimal effort. But minimal effort does not mean no effort at all. Even those low hanging content ideas will require some back links to get to the top of Google and bring you the search traffic. And as we have previously discussed, you cannot just sit and wait for backlinks to come naturally. You need to build them manually.

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