How to Check the SEO of Your Website

If you’re not sure how to check on your website, you’re in the right place, I’ll tell you about some very helpful analysis tools, including our very own audit tool, what you can look for in an oversight report and more. Don’t go anywhere.

Now down to business SEO business, really quickly, I’ll talk about some basics, skip ahead if you’re already familiar with these concepts. What does that SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy that helps your website show up in search engines. There are a lot of different factors that contribute to your sites, like how many back links you have, the key words you use and how well your site works. What are the different types of SEO? I’ll focus on two types on page SEO and off page on page SEO has to do with everything on your website you can control like the keywords in your content. Title tags, meta descriptions and other elements of Major SEO focuses on back links or other sites linking to your content in their content. When someone links to your website, they pass on some of their value, helping your site rank higher in search engines. So now that you’re familiarized, I’ll tell you about how you can check the SEO of your website. By far, the easiest way to do an outside analysis is to use an audit tool with our SEO tracker. You can plug in your email and the website you want to report for, then instantly get suggestions for how to improve your sites.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free? So once you plug in your information, you get a full site report, the SEO checker will break down your on page and off page and give you suggestions for how to make improvements. Let’s look at an example of the checker in action. I plugged example Dotcom into the checker and it spit out some really helpful tips. You can see that the title tag and better description could use some editing. There’s a duplicate content issue, which is a little on the technical side and there’s no XML sitemap or robots static file. This site is meant to be used in examples. So none of these things matter in this case, but they matter for your website. The on page issues found in this site analysis are so much easier to fix because you have direct control over them, whereas you’re mostly relying on other websites and other people for your off page strategy. What to do after using and for your website. Think of the audit tool as a great start. You might need to dove into your website more after learning about some of the areas that could use improvement in this section. I’ll talk about some additional things you can do for your site SEO analysis. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple. Track your sites SEO keyword rankings. When you create content, you should always write with a keyword and other related keywords in mind. That way, when someone searches using your target keyword, you have a chance of showing up in the search results. A quick and free way to check where your pages are ranking for your target keywords is to search for your keywords. If you do this and don’t see your website on the first page of the search results, you have some work to do to look even deeper at the rankings. Tools like Address and CRM Rush can provide a report of all the keywords your site is ranking for search volume and more. Once you’ve gathered all of your keyword data, don’t just start adding keywords Willy-Nilly.

Look at the top ranking sites for whichever keywords you want to improve and see if your site meets the search content. Our top ranking sites taking a different angle than your site. Is the content significantly longer? What can you do on your page to better respond to a user search? Look at your sites back link profile back links are a major ranking factor. So if you want to thoroughly check your SEO, you need to be familiar with the links pointing to your site address and Mars offer free tools to view your link. Profile Perrottet. If you can see your own websites back links, you can see your competitors back links run their pages through a background check, or if other websites have links to their similar content, there’s a chance going to you. And that concludes this video on how to check SEO.

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