How to Boost Your Social Media Engagement Strategy

So why does social media engagement matter aside from staying relevant with your current audiences? It’s a great way for you to build brand awareness and get in front of a new target audiences. It’s also a great way for you to build a direct line of communication with your customers and really identify what they care about most when it comes to your product or service. And at the end of the day, it is a tangible way for you to drive impact for your business, whether it’s driving leads or building sales, social media can help you do it all. So my first step is social media is to treat it like a dinner party.

Think about the last time you were at a dinner party. If you’re only talking to someone that is only talking about themselves, you’re probably not going to be that engaged. You want to be around someone that has a lot to offer to the conversation. And the same thing applies to your social media presence. You want to ensure that you’re providing a variety of diverse content that really engages your users and keeps them interested in following you for a long period of time, diversifying your content and including different posts maybe that established yourself as an industry expert, providing interesting insights and takeaways that your users will find really relevant when it comes to making decisions regarding your business can be a great way to change up your content, keep it fresh and keep it relevant to them. Tip number two for social media is to treat it like you would fishing. While you might know where the fish are, it’s going to take a couple tenths to find the right bait in order to really reel those fish in. Similar with social media, you might know where your target audience is, but when it comes to posting the right content to capture their attention might take a couple takes in order to really identify what it’s going to resonate best with your audiences. Consider tracking your post, but having a good understanding of what works best with your audience. You can really create a strong strategy for your social media efforts and really make sure that all your posts are resonating well with your users. Tip number three, social media is a lot like your golf clubs. If you look at the best golfers, they keep quite a few clubs in their bags. If they’re ready for any situation that’s thrown at them somewhere to social media, you’re working with a lot of different platforms, but not every platform is going to be the best decision for your business. If you’re B2B, you might want to be on LinkedIn where you’re going to have a great opportunity to get in front of other business personnel. If you’re more of an experience social business where you have a lot of great visuals, you may want to be on a platform like Pinterest or Instagram that’s really going to help you sell those gorgeous visuals. Social media has a lot of different options for you. And at the end of the day, it does come down to identify where your audience is and what your audience will respond to best. So three tools to share with you to help you boost your social media engagement. My first tool is Canada is a great tool for building strong visuals. And when it comes to visuals, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Karma has a lot of great templates that are easy to add in your own materials, really customize it for your specific business adding and your brand colors, or maybe your custom slogan. It can really help personalize it and make it fit perfectly for your social media platform. My second tool recommendation is Buffer. Buffer is a platform that you can use to schedule out your posts in advance and this can be a massive timesaver. If you think about posting maybe once or twice a day, that’s going to end up eating a lot into your schedule. So using a tool like Buffer to really plan ahead and thoughtfully craft your calendar content can be a great way to strategically approach all of your social media postings. My third full recommendation is using Google. You are a builder. If you’ve ever been curious about how your social media engagement lends itself to actual business on your website, this would be the tool to help you identify and track those results.

With the Google you URL builder, you’ll be able to customize your UTM tracking on each link that you include within your social media post. That means when a user clicks on your posts, you’ll be able to easily track each of those activities that are occurring on the website. Back to that original post, allowing you to see which of your organic content that is driving engagement is also driving real impactful business results. There are quite a few metrics available to you on social media, but some that you might want to track are your impressions and reach, which will calculate the awareness that you’re getting through your social media efforts as well as likes, which can indicate interest regarding your post, as well as some higher quality engagement, such as comments, shares and clicks, which can tell you how much your audience is actually responding to your content. Engagement requires a lot of time and effort.

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