How Often Should You Blog? “Publish More Often” Myth Busted

Busting the public more often, myth, that’s probably my favorite part of this lesson. What I love the most about is so traffic is that you don’t have to publish a lot of content, but still can get tons of traffic every single month. Here are they traffic, a rather small team working on our blog that just two people in-house and two freelance writers and we rarely publish more than one article per week.

If we put our blog URL into a traffic on an Explorer tool and pick the last 30 days, it will only show me two articles. But look at our traffic from Google for the past 30 days. It is growing quite consistently. That’s because we don’t have a nonsense goal to publish a certain amount of articles every week. Our goal is to create content around very specific keywords closely related to our business and make our content drinky in Google for these keywords so that it would bring us new customers. In fact, you can build your entire business around this single article. I have a great example for you. Take a look at this article from Healthline dot com titled How to Lose Weight Fast. If I put the URL of this article into its Web site Explorer Tool, I will see that it gets over 300000 visitors from Google every single month. Let me take just a few seconds to note that the traffic number that you see in a Trev’s is just an estimation. We have a monstrous database of over 400 million keywords that we use to calculate organic traffic of different websites. But clearly, there are many more keywords that people might put into Google. So the organic traffic number that you see in Trev’s is just an estimation. And the actual Google traffic to a Target website or your URL would usually be about two or three times bigger. So please keep that in mind when using air traffic for traffic estimates. OK, speaking of the keywords that they are tracking based on our records, that article they just show you rankest for over 9000 keywords. Let me click that number and see what they are. How to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, lose weight fast, etc.. Just think about it every month. Well over 300000 thousand people find this article while searching for weight loss advice and Google. That’s a huge business opportunity right there. Even if you convert half of a percent of all these people into customers, that’s over a thousand customers every month, which is clearly a ton of money. But this example is, of course, an outlier because it’s quite rare for a single article to get that much traffic from Google. And yet, why force yourself to publish dozens of articles every month when you can focus your efforts on creating just a few Keystone articles, make them ranking Google and get a passive stream of prospective customers as a result? But there is more viral traffic is mostly a gamble. You cannot know up front if your article will take off or not. You can only guess. And if it does take off, you never know how much traffic this will bring you. But so traffic is predictable. In fact, I just show you how to take any article and the estimated search traffic potential with the help of eight trips. Whatever the topic you’re going to cover on your blog, just put it into Google, grab the URLs of the top ranking articles and plug them into traffic to see how much traffic they get and what keywords they rank for. These traffic estimates will help you make educated, data driven decisions and better prioritize your budget efforts and resources. And we are about to cover both the planning and the execution in the further lessons of this course, the tactics and strategies that you’re about to learn.

We will give you a massive competitive advantage over your rivals, I promise. But there’s one last thing left to discuss before we dove deep into SEO.

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