How Much Should a Website Cost in 2021?

Your website has a ton of popular features that keep people clicking. In fact, people like your site so much, they contact you and then they give you their money.

You’ll come away from this with an estimate of how much a good website will cost for your business and what you’re paying for when you hire someone to create and manage a site for you. Let’s get started. So the cost of a website can be broken into a few different categories, mainly web design, development, website maintenance and web marketing. Web design not only includes the look and feel of your site, but also things like how it works on different devices, your domain name, the security package and other elements that help your site function well. Initial Web design development will likely cost you between twelve thousand dollars and one hundred fifty thousand dollars. This, of course, varies depending on what you need. Some medium sized website with up to seventy five pages can cost ten thousand dollars to thirty five thousand dollars, while an e-commerce website with one hundred to a thousand products may require an investment of five thousand to fifty five thousand dollars. These are typically one time investments since they’re meant to get your site off the ground. Web maintenance and marketing will bring that recurring cost to your budget. If we’re talking web maintenance, that cost again will vary depending on what you need. But businesses will often spend an average of four hundred dollars to sixty thousand dollars per year maintaining the website. It’s about thirty five dollars to approximately five thousand dollars every month. Recurring charges may include your domain name, your site security certificate and ecommerce functionality and the time it takes the developer to work on your website.

Now the other recurring cost web marketing may not seem completely necessary, but I assure you it’s critical to your business’s success. Once you have a well functioning website, you need to draw people to it. Web marketing includes services like Search Engine Optimization or SEO Halfbrick, Click Advertising PPC and Content Marketing. The goal of most digital marketing strategies is to bring people to your website and turn them into your customers. So if you skimp on web designer, your site isn’t maintained properly. You may lose out on a lot of revenue for your business. Everything works together well. You don’t necessarily need to invest in every area of web marketing. Businesses spend an average of twenty five hundred to twelve thousand dollars per month making sure people can find the website they’ve poured so much time and effort into. If you only want to optimize your site for search engines, which is especially important, you may page a seven hundred fifty dollars to two thousand dollars every month.

PPC advertising may add an additional cost between nine thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars per month. In the end, if your digital strategy is working well, you’ll see a positive return on your website investment.

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