How Did You Get Into UX

The field of user experience requires skills from many different areas, including psychology, architecture, library science and visual design, among others. Because of this, everyone’s journey into UKCS is different. I’m at the U.S. conference in San Francisco and had a chance to ask a few people how they got into you.

And I used to talk about design and all the time. And one day what happened, my manager like, why don’t we talk about user experience in the lunchtime meeting? And that was the first time I realized that I don’t really know how to define user experience. I was like desperate to find what it is. And, you know, I looked into like a lot of books and I came across this book by Don Nordman, like the design of everything and design.

And UX is a new world of all of those things together. And so I just started with a new company and they’ve got a U.S. team were just starting to build it up. And so they sent me and two of their members here to figure out what is the best of the best, do it in the world, what are the trends? How can we adopt those and bring those back into our company? As I’m learning more about it, I want that to become a big part of my role just because I see the value of that. I see how it’s so important to see that in the in perspective of what is our customer at the end of the day going to experience with us.

So at our company, we found that we weren’t delivering solutions in a way that I guess matched the consumer’s mind. And so what we found is that there is often a discrepancy between what we thought we were delivering and what they were receiving. All throughout my academic and professional career, I have always had an interest in the human mind and I’ve come from a background in software engineering. So really, you access the marriage between those two. And I don’t just want to deliver a functional solution. I also want to deliver a solution that matches my user’s needs.

I was working in advertising agency and my boss always asked for really creative work but useable work. So it was a very big challenge that forced me to study and to learn more about UX. And that’s why I am very in love with you right now.

I’ve been a visual and web designer and front end developer and kind of like Jack of all trades for maybe ten years now. I recently had a project where I just completely failed at giving my client what they needed. And so I’ve been learning over time that, you know, what my client needs me to do is figure out what their client actually needs. So that’s something I’ve been doing intuitively. But I didn’t know really any clear methodology around it when I just kind of had this total, like, belly flop with this client friend of mine who I knew of as a SEO guy, kind of saved the day and introduced me to the Nielsen Norman Group through online resources and just set me up for success in that situation. And it did end up working out. So after that, I felt like this was really the next step for me to take for my career.

I started as a graphic designer, if I like packaging, in fact, but every company I went through with done.

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