Gamification in the User Experience

Sometimes when the topic of gamification gets brought up, people imagine playing video games like Mario Kart or Fortnight, but in reality, gamification is very different.

Games exist to entertain, for example, the sonic game. In playing this game, I might receive some secondary benefits like improved motor skills, but the only real function is entertainment. It’s fun, but on the other hand, gamification exists to engage and motivate. Put simply, gamification is the use of game mechanics and non game context. Game mechanics include things like avatars, progress, bars, points, leaderboards and badges. These mechanics are pretty much the only similarity between games and gamification for contests. Let’s define some of these game mechanics badges. They’re a way to show off an accomplishment. Progress bars, visualize the advancement towards the goal. And in this case, your goal is to finish this video. So, yeah, you’re halfway there. Leaderboards rank players in a competition and avatars are abstract representations of users. Although gamification uses game mechanics, note that throwing a point earnings system and leaderboards at your users is not effective. Gamification are top priority when designing a game of solution is the goals of the learner. This is a learner centered mindset and in order for gamification to be successful, we must find the intersection between the user’s goals and the business goals. Now this concept of gamification is not new. In fact, instructional designers have been using this technique to motivate students for several years and throughout its use in the classroom, gamification has been quite successful. However, gamification isn’t just for engaging students to learn their multiplication tables. This technique can also be successful in other industries like manufacturing, military, finance or retail.

Consider implementing gamification to motivate employees to complete compliance training, drive competition and military exercises, or engage users to stay on track with the fitness program. When implemented thoughtfully. Gamification can be a wonderful method to increase user engagement and improve the user experience.

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