Facebook, Google & Microsoft’s Earnings – Earnings Reports

Speaker 1: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, these are some of the biggest companies in the world, and they’ve recently released their quarterly earnings report. The big question is, can they beat expectations and what do the numbers look like? So, first of all, why do we care about these earnings?

Well, from a business owner perspective, this is the most important thing to know, because in the end, we want to make money and get a good return on investment. And if you’re not a business owner, earnings reports give you a solid idea of how the economy is doing as an increasing, slowing down or decreasing as an investor. These are important things to know. Let’s begin with the company started by Bill Gates. Microsoft analysts expected the company to produce 85 cents per share and the company beat expectations by 10 cents with earnings of 95 cents per share. Microsoft’s total revenue increased by 16 per cent to twenty six point eight billion.

Operating income increased 23 per cent to eight point three billion and net income increased 35 per cent to seven point four billion. So that’s a pretty solid earnings report. If I was an investor in Microsoft, I’d be pretty darn happy with that. Google did fairly well as well. Earnings per share expectations were nine point twenty eight and the results were nine point ninety three dollars. Revenue expectations with thirty point two nine dollars and results with thirty one point one five operating income beat expectations by point four billion, delivering seven billion dollars of operating income. So it’s another company that beat expectations. Let’s see how Facebook did. And they most summarize what the heck this means to us, analysts said. Earnings expectations for Facebook of a dollar 35 per share.

Facebook absolutely blew this out of the water with earnings of a dollar 69. The stock has grown by eight point seven per cent because of these earnings increases. Okay, so if you’re owner of any of these companies, you’d probably walk away feeling pretty happy with decent profits flowing into your pockets. And that’s the way you have to think about earnings. It’s money that is going to you, the owner, in some form or another, whether it be growing the business or growing the dividends. It is your money that the company is generating the owners money. As for the economy, it seems to be going pretty strong through these indicators, which is a good sign, at least for the short term. So that’s for the video. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update of some big businesses and see whether you found it useful or not. I want to make my YouTube videos an easy way of consuming information instead of having to read 50 different articles to find out everything. So if you want to learn more about the stock market and subscribe to the channel and head that bell notification to stay one step ahead of other investors and drop it like, have you found any of those helpful and want me to keep doing videos of a similar kind? I’m basically just testing the waters with this video and seeing how it is consumed.

Personally, I think it’s useful for updates on how the businesses are doing, whether you owned them, are thinking about owning them or just want to see how the economy is going. Anyway, we’ll see you next time you’ve run. Have a wonderful day.

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