Exciting Times Ahead for UX

You know, I buried this field a really long time, in fact, if you will, I helped start the field. But what’s really exciting is the way things are changing so rapidly today. We have whole new systems. We have whole new approaches. We have all sorts of things we never dreamed of. For example, autonomous cars, cars that drive by themselves. Well, so why does that need user experience design? Well, you know, and they drive by itself. What if you’re not comfortable with the way it’s driving or what if you change your mind part of the way through or what have you say? Oh, I need some lunch. Could you stop off at a lunch place? Well, you know, all sorts of things are going to happen that we have to interact with a car. And for that matter, suppose you’re a pedestrian crossing the street and here comes a car with no driver.

How do I know it’s seen me? I don’t know. I can go on. Can I waited on. If I waited on. How do I know that it’s the only way that I can wave neon? And if it’s waiting on, how do I know it means me or not just the people on the other side of me.

Those are really important problems and they’re difficult to solve that. The very first solution that comes to your mind, lots of people thought of that solution at work. I bet you I have a rule, by the way, that if there is a really difficult problem and when you’re told of it, you immediately think of a solution. Lots of other people, hundreds, thousands of people will thought of that solution and the fact it isn’t their being as well. It isn’t that simple or maybe it isn’t right. So this is all the excitement we have virtual reality, augmented reality. We have new ways of interacting by gesture or just by being there or just by the time of day. Just how you’re standing, who you are, those good, are those bad? Do we lose privacy? Does it enhance our experience? Does frustrate us and make us scared. These are the big problems of facing us. How do people work together in groups? You know, everything we design just kind of as if it was one person doing one thing. But the real work and real play and activities are done by groups sponsoring and making it work for groups. That’s a real challenge. Do you think it’s hard to design for one person?

Imagine designing for a variety of people simultaneous challenges. Challenges are where the fun is. So yeah, there are problems in front of us, but think of the problems as challenges. This is an exciting time.

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