Don’t Listen to the Customers

The first rule of user experience, designers don’t listen to the customers or maybe more precisely, don’t do what the customers say that you should do.

The reason is that users are not designers. They don’t know the best way to design a user interface. So if you ask people what they want, they’ll just request more of what they already know. Or often customers will even ask for design. That’s really bad for them. There’s only one thing users can do, and that is to use things you can watch, people you should design and observe, whether it’s easy or difficult to use if your target audience cannot use your design, it’s not because they really ought to just try harder or maybe get more training. It’s because your design is too difficult to use. But you must wash users actually work with a design and attempt to perform real tasks.

You can’t just show some screens to a bunch of customers and ask whether they think.

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