Does Agile Destroy UX

Sometimes people ask, does agile destroy you? The short answer is no. Certainly we’ve seen many examples of organizations being successful in applying UX practices in agile environments. Agile methodologies don’t prescribe exactly how you act, and agile should play together.

And this is where organizations are struggling with experimentation and figuring out how this all fits in.

Agile has changed the way UX works. It has changed our roles. So no longer are we sitting at our desk coming up with the designs. But the additional role and responsibility is in facilitation. It’s in collaboration, it’s in leadership.

So US practitioners who tend to be successful are the ones that are proactive, the ones that are involved in product planning, that are involved in evangelizing.

So it’s very important for us to get out from behind our desks and really try to think of new methodologies that will improve collaboration, that will bring people in to facilitate buy in. That has become the new role for us. As agile teams mature, they’re experimenting more with the different types of methodologies. So my recommendation to you is not to stick to dogma, to not stick to rules, but keep iterating and keep experimenting. And that is in the spirit of agile. Agile encourages teams to be self organizing, to look for information, to iterate and to reflect on your processes and think of ways that you can improve the process and systems. The most successful teams are the ones that work together. And as UX practitioners, it is our responsibility to step up and take on these new roles and responsibilities and helping teams see how user centered design and research can improve product development processes.

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