Creating Video Content Within Your Budget

In this lesson, you’ll learn the keys to creating video without breaking the bank, with careful planning, creative resourcing and smart video editing.

Video Content Marketing

Some of the videos I’ve used and have been successful haven’t necessarily reflected directly the brand and I think if you’re going to use video, you’ve got to be prepared to, you know, think a little bit outside the box, something that’s going to tweak interest from the public, something that’s going to generate clicks. I think there’s going to be slightly quirkier off the water. I had an old video that I had in Africa where a colleague of mine, another pilot, jumped overboard with a parachute and that’s a little unusual, not directly relating to brand, but it’s something that’s going to generate clicks. If it generates interest, it’s going to drive traffic to the website.

The first step to creating video on a budget is to plan your content. Remember, videos can be entertaining. They can be educational, informative and everything in between, as long as they reflect what your company stands for and furthers your business objectives. Let’s say you’re a food blogger and you want to add video to your site. You’d like to use it to showcase your culinary tastes and talents and increase your subscriber base. You might decide to do a cooking demonstration in one video, in another, you’ll tour the kitchen of a popular local chef and in the third you’ll stage a recipe contest. By planning ahead, you can shoot several videos at a time with less effort and fewer resources. To outline the content for each video, you storyboards a storyboards of visual plans of your story showing what will happen scene by scene, including action and dialog.

Video Content Recognition

Once you’ve got the content of your video planned out, it’s time to think about production. Now, producing a video on a budget means that you’re going to have to be a little bit more creative with resources. Not long ago, you would have had to hire a crew and rent a studio and pay a small fortune for equipment before you even began shooting the video. Now or you need to produce a video. Is your mobile or a laptops built in webcam or a high def video camera? If you or your friend happen to have one? Basic video editing software, some computer operating systems include that for free. There are other factors to consider. You can save time and money on finding props, actors and locations. But ask yourself a few questions. Can you find props at home among friends or in a charity shop? Do you know someone else who is secretly longing to be in front of the camera? Can you use your home, your office or recreational areas as a video location? Once you’ve planned your videos, arrange your sets and booked your crew. Now it’s time to film a steady camera. Plus good lighting and sound can make all the difference. Here are some key points any high definition camera will do, whether on your mobile or an inexpensive digital camera, as long as you keep it steady with a tripod or other stabilizer. Consider using an external microphone for high quality audio. Make sure the room is well lit. When it comes time to edit your footage, you can find online tutorials to guide you through a variety of video editing tools such as movie Windows movie maker or YouTube video editor can help you edit and combine videos, build smooth transitions and even add music. Little tweaks in your editing process will give your videos a more professional feel.

Video Content Strategies

Now, making videos is not only a great marketing tool for your business, it’s also fun to do so. Embrace the chance to tap into your creative side and show the world what your business is about. Remember that a tight budget doesn’t have to limit your video content with advance planning, a little practice and some creative resourcing. You can make a scene without breaking the bank.

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