Cooper Academy vs Ryan Scribner & Financial Education

In two years time, I want to be bigger than both financial education and Ryan Scribner and I’m talking and subscriber numbers and Buchannan numbers and an influence as well.

And I know a lot of people are going to say you’re only on one thousand three hundred subscribers, settle down, maybe aim for a goal that is a little bit lower, something that you can achieve. And to those people, I say, you know, why not aim for the top if you’re going to be setting goals, aim for the very best. What they’re saying, if you aim for the stars, even if you fail, you’re still going to land on the moon or something like that. And that’s where I’m going with this video. I want to try to beat the best. And even if I don’t get there, I’m still going to end up in a pretty good position, a lot better than other people. So that’s my goal, to beat Ryan Scribner and big financial education. But first, let me just settle down. I know this is my first face to camera video that I’ve done with you guys. And, you know, I’ve made 60 plus videos on YouTube and they’ve all been animations. So it is important that you guys get to know the face behind the animation a little bit more to know that I’m actually a real person and to know a little bit about me.

So in this page, first, I’m going to start with talking a bit about myself, what I’ve done, what I’m aiming to do, and the direction I want this channel to go. The three key areas I’m going to focus on with this channel. So first, I’m going to start with a little bit about myself. Hobbies. You know, I’m into sports. I like football. Football is a big passion of mine. FIFA World Cup starting soon. I’m very much looking forward to that. That’s actually starting and a couple of hours as I’m making this video. But I have to say, my main passion is finance is business is money. And that’s exactly what I’m focusing on with this channel, those areas focusing around those zero stocks, investing, growing your wealth. And so a little bit about me, I, I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington and I majored in finance and accounting. I got to say, I didn’t learn a whole lot. When I went to university, I learned a bit about discounted cash flow and all these finance theories. But when it comes to growing your wealth investing, I’ve got to say it wasn’t worthwhile. It wasn’t worth that 40 carved it. So those who didn’t go to uni and didn’t waste the money good on you. You’re a couple of steps ahead of me. Maybe not, because I have actually invested a lot of money and I’ve been pretty good at saving throughout my time. So maybe you won’t be a bit ahead of me, but I actually do regret my decision of going to university. And in twenty seventeen I graduated in finance and accounting and I had two choices when I graduated.

My first choice or option was I could get a nine to five job at a banking firm, at an investment firm. You know, anything related to my degree, you know, I pretty decent grades. So getting a job along these lines wouldn’t be too hard for me. That was my first options. Put on that suit and thought work nine to five. Make a bank richer, make a corporation richer. That was my first option and my second off. Funnily enough, I didn’t take that option. But because I had the second option and my second option was work around about twenty hours a week with a job that was fairly satisfying with the job that I quite liked, and then with the rest of my time focused on something that I was really passionate about, which is investing, as I’ve talked about, the stock market growing your wealth. And, you know, that’s what I’m doing with this channel. I’m focusing on my passion, hoping to help others and hopefully learning, hoping to learn a lot myself, to learn a lot from the very best investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ray D’Alessio, the very best. You know, you can choose to aim to learn from the very best people or you can choose to learn from average people. Funnily enough, I choose to learn from the best. Now, I wanted to talk a little bit about the direction of this channel where I see this channel hitting the three key areas I am focusing on with this channel. And we’re going to start from my focus number three to focus number one, importance ranking from three to one. So we’ll start with three, which is entrepreneurship. Now it’s all well and good talking about money and handling your money and investing your money. But first, you actually got to earn their money in the first place, right? So entrepreneurship is going to be a key factor with this channel. How do we generate extra money so that we can handle it well and invest it and make it grow? The second area I wanted to focus on with this channel was personal finance. You know, a lot of people are earning good salaries. A lot of my friends are on 60 day plus, but they can’t save a damn dime of it. Honestly, they actually are losing money. They’re actually in debt. So it’s very important that you actually know how to handle your money. And the first. Place how to save, how to put money aside for yourself, and that’s the second area that I’m going to focus on with this channel, which is personal finance. But the most important thing I wanted to focus on with this channel is investing.

And that’s probably my true passion, choosing stocks, learning from the very best people like Warren Buffet and giving your damn money working for you. It’s all well and good earning that extra money and handling that money well, but you have to learn to invest as well. So that’s the main focus of this channel, investing in stocks. What are the stocks of the best people buy and what are the stocks that I like? What are the countries that I like? What are the stock market books that I like?

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