Turning Analytics Findings Into Usability Studies

Analytics data is a great way to identify possible issues occurring on your website, but once you’ve discovered a possible usability issue, it’s important to then validate that finding by conducting a usability test before jumping to design a solution, rather than making an assumption about the root cause of the issue. From the analytics… Continue reading Turning Analytics Findings Into Usability Studies

Virtual Tours

How do you translate the experience of being in a specific physical space and what that feels like for people who can’t be there? Quarantines have made this question suddenly much more important for industries like real estate events, spaces, universities and cultural institutions. So we did some years of research to find out what… Continue reading Virtual Tours

The UX Unicorn Myth

A lot of job ads these days call for what’s called the unicorn or the person who can just do everything about user experience in the project. But honestly, just as the actual unicorn is a mythical beast, so the unicorn is a mythical employee because it is no one person who can be great… Continue reading The UX Unicorn Myth