Finance and Economics

Speaker 1: Every day around the world, millions struggle with the same question, two, exclamation point or not to exclamation point. Exclamation points are friendly, but they can also be too friendly. They show you’re excited, but can also make it seem like you’re shouting. In a work e-mail, in the tone, but you can… Continue reading Finance and Economics

3 Stocks To Buy

Speaker 1: These are unprecedented times in the stock market for the United States. We see stocks priced fairly high and interest rates are still next to nothing at one point five percent. And this video, Ali, you know, three stocks that I’ve been looking at for February twenty eighteen as a value investor. I… Continue reading 3 Stocks To Buy

Memory, Explained

Speaker 1: Some moments feel so important, we believe there is a perfect recording of them etched in our minds or Speaker 2: our tear down this wall. Diana, princess of Wales, is dead Speaker 1: for many, 911 was one of those moments. Speaker 2: He’s getting ready to go to class, and I… Continue reading Memory, Explained

Robert Kiyosaki – The Biggest Stock Market Crash Is On Us NOW!

Speaker 1: The markets are in turmoil. Everything is shifting, and if you’re not paying attention, you’re going to get wiped out. This is about the greatest bubble. And for those of you with a 401k or hoping for retirement or planning on playing golf for the rest of your life, you’d better pay attention,… Continue reading Robert Kiyosaki – The Biggest Stock Market Crash Is On Us NOW!