What is Prestressed Concrete?

Speaker 1: Despite its excellent qualities as a structural material, concrete has weaknesses to one that we’ve discussed in previous videos is that it has almost no strength against tension. Concrete can withstand a tremendous amount of compressive stress, but when you try to pull it apart, it gives up easily. Concrete’s other weakness is… Continue reading What is Prestressed Concrete?

What Is a Culvert?

Speaker 1: A surprising amount of engineering is just avoiding conflicts. I’m not talking about arguments in the office. I mean conflicts when two or more things need to be in the same place. Speaker 2: There are a lot of challenges in getting facilities over under, around in between each other. And there’s a… Continue reading What Is a Culvert?

What Really Happened at the Oroville Dam Spillway?

The dam didn’t fail, but it came too close for comfort, especially for the tallest structure of its kind in the United States. Auroville Dam falls under the purview of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in a state with a progressive dam safety program and regular inspections and evaluations by the most competent engineers in… Continue reading What Really Happened at the Oroville Dam Spillway?

How Coastal Erosion Works

We humans are fascinated with the coast, it’s not just that the sea facilitates commerce and travel, it’s not only because it’s fun to swim in the water and lie in the sun on the beach. There’s something inherently interesting about seeing the place where two things meet, where the vast expanse of ocean touches… Continue reading How Coastal Erosion Works

Sand Castle Holds Up A Car! – Mechanically Stabilized Earth

One of the most important considerations when you build anything is the material, it impacts everything from the look and feel to the more fundamental characteristics like weight and strength. But maybe the most significant aspect of a construction material is its cost. Infrastructure is not made to be glamorous, and it’s often paid for… Continue reading Sand Castle Holds Up A Car! – Mechanically Stabilized Earth

What is a Hydraulic Jump?

Controlling the flow of water is one of the fundamental objectives of modern infrastructure, from flooding rivers to irrigation canals, stormwater drainage facilities to aqueducts and even the spillways of dams. So engineers need to be able to predict how water will behave in order to design structures that manage or control it. And fluids… Continue reading What is a Hydraulic Jump?