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Welcome to the lesson number one, the compound effect of content marketing, as they promised in the introduction video, this lesson is going to set the stage for the entire course and help you better understand why I am advocating certain tactics and angles over everything else. Here’s the agenda for this lesson. We’ll start off with what should be your primary goal. If you’re blogging for business, not as a hobbyist, then I’m going to break down three main customer acquisition channels and explain how blogging expands them. And finally, I’m going to showcase one very simple but immensely important realization that keeps people away from rapid blog growth. So here we go, part one, the primary goal of blogging for business. In about two years, we managed to grow each other’s blog from nearly 15000 visits per month to 150000 visits per month. Do you think this result is good or bad, considering that it took us nearly two years to achieve? Well, if you ask me, I don’t really care about traffic numbers that much. Traffic is a vanity metric. We never had a goal of growing traffic to our blog.

Our primary goal has always been acquiring new customers and growing our business. What’s the point of going viral and bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to a blog? If none of them will buy from you? It may be good for your ego, but not for the bank account. So instead of trying to generate as much blog traffic as we could, we focused our efforts on bringing highly targeted visitors who would convert into customers and bring money to our business. I know that marketing teams love to set themselves all sorts of nonsensical KPIs number of published articles per week, number of visitors per month, number of email subscribers per month. Well, if you ask me, these are all bad KPIs. They do make certain sense, of course, but are secondary number of orders or sales per month? This is the primary KPI that you should care about in the first place. You should treat your blog as a customer acquisition channel, not a traffic acquisition channel, unless, of course, you make money out of road traffic like selling binaries, for example. In that case, more traffic will obviously bring more money. But this course won’t teach you how to create a media empire and make money with advertising. I don’t have any experience with that, so I’m not qualified to create a course about it. This course is about creating the blog that will drive customers to your business.

This is what we have succeeded and we’ll be happy to share all our tactics and strategies with you.

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