An Easy Way to Find More Keywords

Now, the first easy way to find more keywords is to just do Google searches. Whenever you do a Google search like this, I did one for VoIP. You’ll see the number of monthly searches. And when you click the URL, you’ll see trends. How many of those searches are from mobile devices versus desktop? Typically, desktop traffic converters better the cost per click, the pay difficulty, the difficulty, the lower the score. Typically the lower than 50, the easier it is to for and the higher the cost per click, the more valuable this keyword is. You can also see the searchers Adrianne’s the older they are usually the more valuable the keyword is. And you can also see how many people actually click on the results from SEO to pay to know clicks at all. Now as you scroll down, you’ll see data on a lot of the websites that rank at the top. Now, what I want you to do is I want you to first go to the sidebar. Where do you see a laundry list of keywords and you’ll see suggestions, questions, prepositions, comparisons. First, I want you to look at the related keywords in the right sidebar. This will give you more keyword ideas and is breaking down by difficulty. Look for the keywords that are less than 50 and then look for keywords that have a high CPC. Anything more than a few bucks usually is good. And of course the higher the volume, the better as well. And you can continue to do this for many different keywords, like I can type in voice over IP or VoIP service. And as I type this into Google, we will load it all again. Show me the monthly searches, CPC fifty five dollars. That’s quite a bit. And again, it’ll provide me with more Kuga recommendations like the best VoIP service. Right. Forty dollars plus cost per click. Thirty eight difficulty, not a bad keyword. And depending on the country and you can adjust it right here by just clicking on the flag. And it will adjust based on whatever region you are in now, the next thing I want you to do is to go and look at a lot of the random sites that rank. So I’m going to go to Next Diva. I know they’re on a paid ad, but you can do this for a paid out organic. And I’m going to go to their homepage. You can technically be on any page. Click on the Uber suggests you Eikon. It alone, it’ll give me ideas of how many organic keywords they have. Love my honey, an extension that helps you save money while I’m shopping. But, you know, it shows me how many organic keywords I have, organic monthly search, traffic, back links, domain score. And you can see their traffic over time. How many keywords they rank for in different positions. You can even see their top pages by country and then you can drill down to view the estimated visits. This ends up taking to the uber serious apps.

And as you can see, it’s telling me some of the keywords that they’re ranking for for that page. That’s one of their top pages. And I can see I’ve heard a lot of different pages, how to call Mexico from the US. And it’ll show me more keywords as well, so that also gives me ideas on top of that, when I go to the next Tiva website within the Uber says Chrome extension, you can click on talk keywords and this is easier and simpler away. And as you just scroll through it, you can see more and more keywords and using the same metrics, right? Low skill difficulty, high volume, an estimate of exactly how many visits they’re getting to their website from that keyword, but high volume and low skill difficulty. Those keywords will give you an idea on is this worth going after or not? So that’s where I’d start. If you do this for your website, you’ll find tons and tons of year when you go to competition websites, type in keywords that will give you more keyword ideas. And then on top of that, then what you’ll want to do is then go and create content based on the top pages that are working for the competition, which I showed you here, which is what’s working for next diva, and then go from there and then implement that within your website, try to create better versions of their pages, although they’re doing a pretty good job.

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